Why does technical analysis work

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  1. This is simply not true.

    It's all rehashing the same old, same old--perhaps with differing terms and marketing approaches, but its all the same thing

    Once again, who are the practioners of this thing called "modern TA"?


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  2. I'm sorry. Were you lying then or now?
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  3. no lies.

    people and trading evolve. this is not meant to be applicable to a specific sub set of analysis technique ( as in your vain attempts to disparage instead of focusing on the issue) but rather means people's opinions and ideas about trading change as knowledge levels increase--as in my personal evolution away from TA.

    TA itself has not changed, and remains the same, regardless of marketing spin or terminology creation.

    Once again, who are the practioners of what you state, and how is "modern TA' different?

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  4. That is your opinion . . . and you know what is said about opinions. Everyone has one . . . Everyone has a right to one . . . but like buttholes . . . some just smell better than others. And take it from a "Farmboy", yours stinks.

    That "IS" the issue. You can not comprehend an environment where TA would evolve because you will always be totally closed minded that the science of analysis can evolve. Your very statement shows your total ignorance to anything technical. I'd be further ahead having a discussion with my 6 year old because at least he in inquisitive. I was always taught that "can't" is a defeatist term. You seem to make it part of your everyday vocabulary.

    I've explained how modern TA has changed more times than I have fingers and toes but expalining it to you again is worthless . . . you can't comprehend the simpliest of concepts because you are so closed minded.

    As far as the people utilizing new techniques, they are trading and creating them on an ongoing basis. You have heard from some everytime you go on one of your archaic "TA doesn't work" rants. I doesn't matter who "THEY" are.

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  5. As long as it works...
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  6. Pekelo


    Come on Surf, you know very well how good my predicting power is, and it is based on TA.

    It doesn't follow, sorry. The 2 are not mutually exclusive, thus they can be good at the same time...

    The biggest mistake what people like Surf make when they make statements like "TA doesn't work" is : OVERGENERALIZATION.

    TA is HUGE. And it is also subjective to interpretation. So some part of TA sure, doesn't work or some working part of TA doesn't work for certain people because of applying it badly.

    Simple analogy, so I make a huge overgeneralization: Surgery doesn't work, because lots of people die in surgery, or it doesn't help the patient at all...

    Got it?
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  7. Surf isn't real astute at conceptual thinking. Be gentle.
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  8. Ohio State Rocks!!:D :D
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  9. There was a Wal St (not Wall Street related) newsletter reporting most traders using traditional TA would get 50.5% right per trade; those using non-traditional TA get 50.9% right; using non-TA get 50.75468% right; using anything random-based get 50.0% right; using statistics 50.83% right; using QA 50.99954% right; using advance QA gets 51.02% right; ... :D
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  10. TA is just a tool the trader uses to help analyze the price data in the charts. TA just provides graphical representations as to what is happening with price.

    TA does not do anything. it is up to the trader to interpret what the TA is showing and make a buy or sell decision accordingly. the success or failure of any indicator rests with the trader and his or her abilitty and experience to interpret the data and execute on their analysis.

    TA works cause it does what it is supposed to do- plot a line or data point for each time period. Whether money can be made rests solely with the investor.
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