Why does Rupert Murdoch not like Ron Paul?

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    It may have to do with Israel, or bureaucracy is gaining power in media, both parties would not be pleased with him as President, but either would be conspiracy talk. But no big media likes him, doesn't matter who they spin to for their money.

    edit- If I had to go conspiracy, I'd go with bureaucracy types. I imagine all those reporters get captured by big gov just like sec did. Schmooze with this department or that one. And none of them want to see their funding dry up.
  2. Simple, the same reason most republicans don't like him. Murdoch is a Corporatist and he knows if real libertarian policies ever took hold in this country about half the corporations would collapse without the government backstopping their worthless asses. Murdoch, like the rest of the pukes holding all the cash in this country are really closet socialists when it comes to running their companies.
  3. Fat Limbaugh dislikes him too :(
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    Wow. Perfect answer. Good job.
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    I'm not sure that's it. The best theory I've heard is the Jewish theory. Both the left and the right have cottled Israel for 5 decades. Ron Paul represents not only the biggest threat to Israel as a country, but to the Jewish establishment at large in the US. If you google Ron Paul and look up some of the "darker groups" who are behind him, you will find a long list of anti-Semitic bread crumbs behind him.

    When I first started following Paul I was led to all sorts of sites from the Bilderberg groups, to the 9-11 truthers and then to the Rothchilds. Almost all of them had a tinge of anti-semitism to them.

    Both the right and the left in this country have a very strong Jewish influence. The left has the reformed Jews of Hollywood and Wall Street. The right has the neo-con Bolshevik Jews. Neither one of these groups like Ron Paul and Ron is a major threat to both of them. The election of Paul would strip BOTH of these groups of their power. Ain't going to happen.

    If you doubt my theory, try finding a single Jewish person who supports Ron Paul.
  6. I dunno about that. Jon Stewart is Jewish and he was highlighting on his show the fact that all the MSM is ignoring Paul's popularity. Maybe that isn't outright "supporting" him, but it didn't hurt him to have the obvious emphasized.

    Unless Paul himself has made anti-Jewish remarks, he doesn't really have a say in who supports him. He may not want their money and give it back if he knows they are unsavory types.

    I don't know if Israel has been getting more or less US aid. I thought Paul looked at it all as "welfare for countries", and if he ain't in favor of welfare domestically, it would be consistent he doesn't want it internationally either.

    The most I've seen are his opinions on the Fed Reserve. When he asked Bernanke "Why do Central Banks hold gold if it isn't money?" was a good one.... :D
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    Sure, Jewish-Americans are Israelis first and they want their lapdog to fight Israel's wars so they don't have to. The handouts don't hurt, either! Lets flush the parasites, ya?
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    Well let me help you out here. We give about 3 billion a year in aid to Israel each year. Since 1976, we have given them approximately 140 billion in aid. Yes, that's billion. That money is not used for feeding their poor or educating their youth, it's used for their military. Without that aid Israel would have been wiped off the face of the earth. That along with the implicit understanding that any attack on Israel will force a retaliation by the US military.

    Yes Jon Stewart, like many liberals, have used Ron Paul as a wedge to attack republicans and in some cases democrats because they feel he is no threat to actually getting elected. They use him as a pawn. Let's be very clear about this, Jon Stewart would not in a million years ever throw "real" support behind Ron Paul except to defeat other republicans.

    I do agree with you that Ron Paul is not to blame for all the fringe groups who do follow him. It's just that his actions would do exactly what I said they would do in my above post. Now let me be clear that I don't think Paul would do these actions because he himself is trying to destroy the Jewish influence in this country, it would simply be a by product of his steadfast beliefs in upholding the original powers of the constitution.

    But you need to understand something. The path to hell is always paved with good intentions. Ron Paul coming to power would empower many fringe groups not only in the US but in the world. Think Anders Brevik times 1000. This is what worries many people on the right and the left.

    I have been a Ron Paul follower since about 2000. And over the years I've seen the radical groups that his following has spawned. Some of them are downright frightening. To be honest, it's much worse in Europe then it is here. Much worse.

    The anti-semitism issue is the one thing that always slows me down when I throw my support behind Ron Paul. Most libertarians know that in order to have a truly free society, the Jewish influence over Wall Street, the media and Hollywood has to be broken. And that is what draws in the anti-semites.
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    Radical fringe groups associate themselves with every political movement. Remember Bush's GOP? The rabid war-mongering bunch affectionately dubbed "the Neocons"?? They sure did a whole lot of good in the world.... Look at Obama's zealots. Half of them are welfare queens, and the other half picked up where the necons left off. AND hate the 2nd amendment.

    The notion that a Paul victory would somehow catapult a shadowy group of fringe radicals into the accepted mainstream, is paranoid. We still have laws that protect the individual and Paul is a vehement supporter of individual rights! Like Captain said, special interests that have grown up on the government tit - corporations and favored allies, like Israel - will get a firm kick in the ass. There's nothing personal about it. That's equality. We're not rolling back the clock to the days of slavery. We're making everyone equal under the eyes of the law. NO MORE HANDOUTS. I'm sure that's a real frightening prospect for the legions of corporate tit-suckers that bribe congress to regulate their little fiefdoms into existence . But fuck them. Seriously. It's time to clean house.

    As for Paul "routing out" Jewish domination in Hollywood, Wall-street and Media, again, this is laughable. Paul supports private property rights. There's no authority in the Constitution to seize property based on religious affiliation. This is not Nazi Germany lol . Second, fractional reserve bankers will get destroyed. Great. That's a good thing. Again, there's nothing prejudicial about this. We're attempting to destroy established concepts, not target a particular color or creed who support it. Last time I checked, legions of WASP anglophile Christians sit on the board of BAC, C, WAC, Goldie, JPM etc. Tons of their shareholders are "Christians", with their nose buried deep in the fractional reserve trough. We're fighting an ideological battle. Not a racial or religious one.
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