why does religion matter?

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  1. Every other respond in the GOP debate had some kind of religious, faith response. What happened to the separation of church and state.?

    It does not matter one bit what people belive as long as he or she doesn't push this agenda on me. What i dont get is why the religious convictions of the candidate would make a difference.

    religious people in general are not anymore moral then atheists. I want a president that is a workaholic. I want a president that does not let religion get in the way of this desicion making.
  2. please cite this separation of church and state you speak of. you would have hated the founding fathers. do you know where we get our rights from?
  3. I think the answer to your question is that Blitzer kept asking questions about their faith. He seemed to be trying to get them to apologize. He confronted Romney about being a Mormon, Guliani about a Bishop criticizing him and Huckabee about intelligent design.

    I hope that will the end of it. I'll admit that I would prefer a strong Christian, but I have to concede that some of our worst presidents, like Bush and Carter, were strong Christians and our greatest modern president, Reagan, was not.
  4. Our founding fathers were christian is not a viable argument. That is the easy way out.
  5. Tell me one christian or religious virtue that would be helpful to the president making morally correct decisions.

    I am sure that all these virtues you point out such as fairness, loyalty, forgiveness are universal. An atheist would know about these with out any religious background.

    I can assure you that goodness in humans is not a function of the Bible, torah ect..
  6. I am a conservative and am worried that debate on religion and morals is not what the people want to hear out of their politicians.

    This might be recipe for disaster come 2008.
  7. Not all founding fathers were christians. Thomas Jefferson was a well-known atheist. So was Ben Franklin. These were the two high-profile, well-known ones. If we researched more, we'd find quite a few others whose "Christian" belief was at best suspect.

    This nation was not founded on Christianity, as some evangelicals want you to believe.
  8. 27 of 56 founding fathers had seminary degrees.

    show me the separation of church and state. i will wait patiently.
  9. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof

    Don't tell me that you know better than all the Supreme Court justices in the past 100 years who all interpreted this sentence as the separation of church and state.

    I know the evangelicals are trying to turn back the clock. If they succeed, then we will have truly become a fundamentalist state, just like Iran (and Iraq!).
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    Your argument here is perfection. Don't change a thing. It's as if you have an absolute strangle-hold on rationality.
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