Why does peilthetraveler the Evangelical lie? (with evidance!)

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  1. They come out with a yellow smile on their faces trying to master an ability to present themselves as compassionate, god loving and humanity loving but in fact, they are the most vile, hating, most lying, and biggest thieves.

    Take for example our resident Evangelical Mr. peilthetraveler! He made the following post about a video he found on youtube:


    The Video was posted by someone who spoke in Egyptian Arabic, hence the subject of the video which was in Egyptian Arabic accent.

    Because of peilthetraveler's overwhelming hate which is stemming from his filthy religious beliefs, and because of the fact that his type are prone to lying and conniveness, he right away thought of it as an opportunity to condemn Palestinians, which he sees as the enemies of his "Chosen People," and make racial remarks against them. It was an easy and cheap shot that his type are known to use, being the students of their masters, the Zionists.

    He posted it thinking that we are all stupid people who will take his lie hook and sinker without investigating it further.

    Well, our resident hater, I did! And just to expose you for the filthy low life liar you are, I have decided to post it in a new thread. Please check the following post.
  2. Baby swing vid man cut loose
    Alert PrintOz plod faces court action over web 'abuse' arrest

    By Chris Williams • Get more from this author

    Posted in Law, 9th September 2009 11:12 GMT

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    A Queensland man plans to sue police who arrested and charged him for child abuse offences after he uploaded a video of a man apparently recklessly swinging a baby to a video website.

    Australian prosecutors have dropped all charges against Chris Illingworth, 61, opening the door to a compensation claim.

    A still from the clip

    Illingworth was arrested at his home by Queensland's "Task Force Argos" child protection squad in December after he uploaded the video clip he found on the web - thought to have been recorded in eastern Europe - to UK-based site LiveLeak.

    It shows a man swinging an infant wildly around a room. At the end of the performance the baby smiles to the camera. LiveLeak members speculated the video may have been made by a circus family training their baby to perform. Illingworth's lawyers later suggested the same in court.

    Chris Illingworth attacks his accusers
    Today, the Sydney Morning Herald reports the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions has decided not to proceed with the case. The decision follows soon after censors responded to a separate complaint about the clip by giving it the equivalent of a 15 rating.

    "This prosecution was discontinued yesterday after the matter was reviewed... taking into account all of the circumstances involved including the classification given to the material by the Classification Board," prosecutors said.

    Illingworth says the case - which carried the threat of up to 20 years' jail - has damaged his health and business. In an emotional video message to supporters on LiveLeak, he said: "It's all over now - for me, but not for them.

    "I'll be in touch with my lawyer and we'll be talking about a civil suit.

    "I've been hurt so much by this... it was not a child abuse upload. I'm glad it's over but I would have like my day in court.

    "Thank you... it's been 11 hard months but we got there."

    Queensland Police declined to comment to the Sydney Morning Herald. ®

  3. While none of us are perfect in action,
    and few of us are perfect in love,
    peilthetraveler has grace and a right spirit

    It would do you well to listen to him and change your heart
    versus accuse and blame or mock the truth.

    • From Fr, LL, Greek - to blaspheme or blasphemer
    • To Censure honour
    • To revile
    • To find fault with or express disapproval or reproach
    • Place culpability or hold responsibility on another
    • Used to disparage, abuse, degrade, depreciate or lower in rank.
    • Used to speak slightingly about.
    • Used to depreciate by indirect means or in comparison.

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  4. So this is your "evidence" against me huh? The article says "thought" to have been recorded in eastern europe. This means they have no evidence other than the same evidence you have...an "intuition" that would hardly hold up in a court of law. So whats the difference between them thinking it was recorded in eastern europe, and thinking it was recorded in gaza or west bank? NOTHING as its still likely a Palestinian in the video. But hey...Lets lean to your side and say you are right. Lets say it was recorded in Eastern europe for arguments sake...so where in eastern europe? Turkey maybe? This guy is not white like a european right? I mean its a 99% chance he is not polish. So if it is turkey, then how far is Turkey from the gaza/west bank? A few hundred miles? So what? I'm off by a few miles. He is still from a muslim country that worship a false god (allah)

    If he is not Palestinian, I will say sorry, I was wrong. Burden of proof lies with the accuser though.
  5. byteme


    Couldn't agree more: Burden of proof lies with the accuser.

    You claimed the video was of a Palestinian, where's your proof?