Why does Obama refuse to debate?

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  1. It seems like Obama has used every excuse to avoid having to debate his opponents throughout this campaign. He dodged Hillary Clinton's proposal for a Lincoln Douglas style debade a couple months ago and recently he has refused to joain McCain in a town hall debate. Why does Obama refuse to debate? because he is weak on the issues. all he can talk about is 'chance' and 'hope' in vague terms, but when it comes to specifics he has no substance. Hopefully the American people won't be fooled and see Obama and his baby momma for the Marxist liberals that they are.
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    Why do fuckhead losers think they can get away with telling winners how to run their campaigns?

    Maybe if Hillary worried more about how to run her own campaign instead of how Obama "should" have run his, McSame would be trying to tell her right now to go to his dogshit townhall meetings. You reichtards are a bad joke. You got no clue how to win and you're flailing like speared crabs. It's a hoot to watch.

    There will be debates, reichtard. But it won't be McBush setting the agenda all by himself.

    P.S. Obama showed up in 21 Democratic debates. How many debates did McBush show up for in the primary season?
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    Screw the politics on the weekends. You have US OPEN, i hope Tiger woods loses, you have the Celtics "thumpinhg" the lakers. And you now have the MOST IMPORTANT motor race in the whole world, the most watched the most exciting, the most prestigious.


    Do not worry about Obama, he has McLame in the bag to get lost.

  5. LOL LOL... somebody just got owned. Juan McCain conveniently missed the Black Republican debate hosted by Tavis smiley. wonder what kind of scheduling conflict mccain couldn't adjust for?

  6. Big difference here though, because with town meetings, the public ask the questions instead of the press. Its widely known that the press favors one or other candidate. We've seen it both ways in the primaries. If the debates were run with the public asking the tough questions, then the currently scheduled ones would be fine by me. As it is now, way too much bullshit interference.

  7. Even Fox News Calls bullshit On McCain's Town hall love fest!!!

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  8. Obama needs to debate McCain on the issues. Once again Obama relys on his mercenaries to do his campaigning for him.
  9. Obama still refuses to debate McCain. Is he afraid that the American people have finally wised up to his vacuous message of hope and change? Does he need more pillow?
  10. I think the reason Obama is dodging McCain is pretty obvious. As the presumptive frontrunner. he has a lot more to lose in an unscripted format than McCain. Obama, let's not forget, isn't the official nominee yet. A major faux pas during an unguarded moment and superdelegates could start rethinking their choice. Also, why should he give McCain the benefit of the huge crowds he is drawing? Better to bask in the glow of the national media's adoration than have to argue specifics with McCain.
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