Why does Obama have so much contempt for

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  1. working, hard working americans? Why does he want to spread the wealth around? Why does he hate small business? Why does he hate free trade? Why does he hate Hillary and Joe the Plumber? Why is his wife not only mean, but also not proud to be an American? Why does he not believe in the flag? Why does he pal around with terrorists?

    I don't beleive any of these polls because they are oversampling democrats. Obama's victory hinges on suposedy this huge turnout of young people and minorities, and thats not gonna happen. Even if blacks, poor people, and young people turn out to the polls in record numbers it will be in states that are already established to be in Obama's favor such as California and New York. The rust belt, corn belt, bible belt won't vote for him

    McCain will win:
    new Mexico
    North Carolina

    He'll win them all due the Bradley affect and the election. Just wait and see. Then the stock market will surge 600 points. And the boo hoo hoo crybaby liberal losers will sulk in defeat and go back to ruminating about the mental recessions and fake credit crisis and the deficit. We need more deficits nd more psending. Need to invade iran. Need more globalization and cheaper labor. good for america economy. good for large cap tech and global growth.

    McCain Palin 08
  2. The simple reality of this world is that some people are just smarter than others. Joe Sixpacks frequently believe that there is no difference between them and a polished intellectual with a college degree. They could not be more wrong. So when Obama said "people cling to guns and religion" that just made me like him that much more because that is how intellectuals think of joe sixpacks.

    Some people are capable of original thought and others simply parrot whatever comes from "above" (FOX, Wall St Journal, Rush Limbaugh etc) and there is no equality between the two groups, nor will there ever be.
  3. You really are an elitist POS. You would be surprised how many "Intellectuals" cling to their guns and how many "Joe Six Packs" are more successful that your Intellectuals. Just because the left coast and Yankees think they are better does not make them better. Many of you Intellectual types could not pour piss out of a boot with instructions on the bottom and yet somehow think you are better than everyone.
  4. Thanks for reinforcing my post.
  5. Well don't keep this conversation in the abstract, pick a few metrics and measure your area in the south and compare it to, say, a similar population area in the north.

    For example, you could pick infant mortality (that one might not be a good one to pick in the south)

    You might pick life expectancy (okay, maybe not a good one to pick)

    Dentists per capita (seriously this is measured, but it might not be a good ... oh I give up.)
  6. Anyone have any news on what Obama's classmates thought of him. What's his standing in college community?
  7. Given that he was made editor of the Harvard Law Review, pretty much unbeatable.

    Next up from the Republicans: did Obama really pick his nose in kindergarten?
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