Why does now USD index(USDollar) not decline because of president-elect Biden's 1.9 trillion ...

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  1. Why does now USD index(USDollar) not decline because of president-elect Biden's 1.9 trillion USD stimulus?

    Why does now USD index(USDollar) not decline too as former's because of none limiting USD to support USA stock?
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  2. JSOP


    cuz now everybody is fretting that it's too much and the taxes is going to be raised too high to pay for it so the market is going down. Nowadays when the market goes down, USD goes up.

    Everybody wants money, he gives them money, the market is still not happy cuz taxes is going to be too high. I bet you if the Republicans limit the taxes, then everybody is going to fret that the stimulus is not enough... can't win no matter what happens.
  3. Turveyd


    Never try to understand, why markets move, be aware when the news is, be out for the news, but never read the news because you'll create a bias and most of the damn time the bias is incorrect then it slaps you.

    Trade what you see, don't think ever!!
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  4. maxinger


    trading and logic / reasoning don't mix.
    The more traders try to reason things out, the more
    he loses the trading opportunities.

    Always focus on the charts and not reasoning / logical thinking.

    When the stimulus package was announced,
    these are the products that moved :
    most Asian index futures (it might / might not be due to the stimulus package),
    Russell 2000,
    copper, crude oil
    Aud, gbp

    gold and US bonds didn't move.

    Do note that the big boys / institutions might be thinking 1000 steps ahead.
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  5. , it seems you said the most correct rule.
  6. Bomp


    1- It was already Priced, see where USD is already against majors, EM and commodities. Trees don't grow to the sky.
    2 - 1.9 trillion is proposed, lets see what gets passed.
  7. toc


    Biden is very old, so might not opt for second term even if in good health. Hence he should take "hard pill" decisions that would give longer term benefits to US economy and its financial sheets. Giving generous stimulus or raising taxes rather than curbing spending etc. are not good decisions IMHO.
  8. zdreg


    Is that the same as the blue pill?:D
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  9. Not sure if taking the blue pill would be great for POTUS, consider what happened to Clinton and that was before it existed!
  10. zdreg


    Under President Clinton the national debt went to zero and he ended welfare" as we know it."
    It was the best of times for the US.
    Look at the fiscal mess Obama and Trump have bequeathed to future generations of Americans.
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