Why does no one here give detailed trading advice?

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  1. I've been lurking for a while, and have noticed that none of the supposed successful traders here give any detailed advice on how to trade successfully. Occasionally some people will give vague hints, but that's useless for neophytes who need more specific instructions. One has to wonder if anyone here really is successful.

    It's interesting to compare this site with sites that are devoted to getting women (as money and women are the 2 things that men want the most). Do a google search for "fast seduction" or "speed seduction" and you will find plenty of sites devoted to getting women. Many of these sites have extremely detailed instructions on how to get women. They tell you how to handle various situations, and even tell you exactly what words to say to a woman, and how and when you should engage in physical contact. They spell out a lot of what you need to say and do to get a woman. There are message boards too where people post about how they approached a woman and what they said and did. It's all a very supportive environment, as guys all try to help each other become more successful getting women.

    But then on this site, it seems like the supposed successful traders just post smug and condescending comments towards the novices. Occasionally they might say something vague and pass it off as advice, but they don't offer anything specific that would actually be helpful. No wonder so many people say this site is just for entertainment purposes, no one is willing to share their knowledge to help other people learn.

    If guys are willing to give specific and detailed instructions on how to pick up women, then why aren't they willing to do the same when it comes to trading? Guys probably want women a little more than they want money (and one of the reasons guys want money is because they think it will help them get women, but the opposite isn't true), so it seems like if they are willing to share their knowledge on how to pick up women, then they should also be willing to share their knowledge on trading. Is anyone here really a successful trader?
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    I dunno Im new to trading, so Im not sure if anyone can help you. But, I am laughing my ass off that you use sites to learn how to pick up women.
  3. There are 3+ billion females and only relatively few profitable trading systems.

    Money is the Life Force.

    Women will drain you of your Life Force. Why do you think other bitter men want you to be successful at attracting women?

    Every trader is a competitor. Only bits of info are given out to give the competitor some hope and to keep them feeding the market.

    Anyone interested in trading might want to put forth some effort instead of asking to be told what to do. I quit my job, I quit school, I want to be a trader, tell me what to do.

    Trading is mostly psychological and common sense anyway. You have to live and experience the process. Like learning how to ride a bicycle, you have to find your balance, no one can teach you that.
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    why would someone give you the details to an edge that lets say makes 1 million a year. so that you can take half? oh, and maybe you can share it with some of your friends too.
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    Um, after a while I get tired of fucking the same girl so I don't mind if someone else has a go.

    Conversely, I never get tired of making money so I won't be giving that up so easily.

    85% of guys can "get a chick"

    Maybe 5% can make money trading.
  6. Here you go, pick an instrument to trade (ie stocks, futures etc) then sit and watch a 5 min chart (and have a 1 min up too for reference) each day for a year or so. Each day, write down what you saw, how price behaived at certain times of day, at certain price levels and get a mental picture of the overall trend (or lack of trend) for the day. At the end of everyday after a bit of time, go back over each 5 min bar and see what happened within each bar, especially at important price levels dictated by the market that day or recent days. You will learn support and resistence and, slowly, you will see yourself anticipating prices' path. It will take thousands of hours of time and persistance and a lot of your own inner drive.

    Daytrading successfully is a very very tough and competitive business. The best thing you can do is equip your brain with the knowledge and speed it requires to be able to process 100 things simultaneously and at very fast speeds to not only pick the right trades but also execute them quickly and effectively. The reason no one just spells it out is because we all know how much goes into being a good trader and it's not something that can be explained in a few posts. Someone's "edge" might be but the execution and what one must need to see and understand on a daily basis comes from pure experience and nothing more.

  7. See: AHG thread.
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    1. It is actually not true. There are plenty of decent and detailed advices, you just have to find them.

    2. Let's say your account is 50 times bigger than mine. Why would I let you make 50 times more money for free than I?

    3. On betting sites, do they give out highly successfull, profitable tips for free?

    4. If you make money, you can get the women too....
  9. The real problem, is that newbies come in, and want to milk others instead of doing their own work.

    What POSSIBLE benefit accrues to a profitable trader, when he spent years learning a few things that work, to give it to you for free?

    Especially when giving it to others may reduce its outperformance value?

    And what have YOU done to help others trade profitable, except to whine in your first post?
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    It's very rare that something worth having is just given away.
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