Why does no one hate Sweden for their Freedom?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by runningman, Sep 3, 2007.

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    Of your 28 "full" democracies from the Economists list all of them with significant Muslim populations have had considerable problems with that population, most notably #3 the Netherlands and #13 Germany. The Netherlands has been a fairly steadfast ally in the "War on Terror", esp in Afghanistan, so they deal with that issue in edition to others. Obviously our freedom is not the ONLY reason they hate us, but it is one of the reasons. Anyone who is operating under the idea that Islam is friendly towards the west is sadly mistaken (example: They wont even let a non Muslim SET FOOT IN THE CITY OF MECCA, or drive on the special Muslim Highway leading to Mecca or the other one leading to Medina. They might not let non-muslims into Medina either, I can't recall off the top of my head.....sounds kinda Morman in a way.....but I wont go there.

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    yeah thats a good way of working towards solving the issues

  3. Gas chambers would be quicker, no? Oh wait, we're not like that guy...

    Here in Canada we have a diverse melting pot of cultures in every major city with next to no problems. It can be done.
  4. no need for that; just follow my country's approach and opt for containment. if you really have a strong culture and cherished traditions it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. Yeah Toronto. But such solution will not give any of these cyber warriors any sexual satisfaction.

    Idiots with a herd mentality will always look for an external reason to blame every one of their fuckups on.

    All they need is a manipulative media and all of these monkeys will be riding the wave.
  6. Except for the bombing of government buildings and the beheading of your PM I suppose.

    Eventually somebody will print a cartoon or some other small infraction that will cause the muslims in Canada to have a tantrum like they always do and Canada will be attacked.

    It's a fact of life, America will one day get it again and so will Canada.

  7. Weekly Jihad Report
    Aug. 18 - Aug. 24 Jihad Attacks: 88

    Dead Bodies: 402

    Critically Injured: 638

    Monthly Jihad Report
    July, 2007 Jihad Attacks: 322

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    Yeah - I guess you guys are just one big, happy family over there where everyone loves one another.

  9. Bingo! I don't know if you realize it Bit, but Italy is one of the last western countries left with a real own tradition and style. It is very strange to me that a country with a rather leftish political wing, one of the strongest communist parties of the non-soviet ones, has such a strong grip on tradition, without becoming conservative. It is a real treasure and I love it. Hope it tsicks for another century or 2 :).

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