Why does it seem there so little action now in market?

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  1. Any thoughts?
  2. Also, where do you look to get a better understanding of the current issues that affect the CURRENT trading volume and level of activity?
  3. Come on guys, are you all as ill-informed as me?
  4. CET


    First, this is Thanksgiving week, and many of the big traders take the week off. This impacts volume greatly. Also, this steady move up in the markets the last several months has been on declining volume. There you have it. A light volume environment during a holiday week. The bright side for traders is they usually run some stocks this week, so there are opportunities.
  5. Thank you much, makes sense to me.
    It would seem to me the former comment you make about declining volume is a cause of concern regarding potential end of rally; in the latter statement you express optimism this week; is the latter based on historical info?
  6. A deal was done with the devil. GS guaranteed stable and ever increasing markets if all their competition was removed, a win–win outcome
  7. The goverment is the reason. No one has any idea how to value anything as long as the shitheads are in charge
  8. It's a holiday week and volatility or volume is suppose to be declining. To get a better understanding of current issues having impact on current volume or volatility...

    Try using what you find on a good forex calendar that contains times of the next key economic reports, speeches, auctions, expirations and even holiday information.





    If you're into technical analysis...save it for last as confirmation.

  9. And why is there a ramp up in the afternoon EVERY time we have even a minor dip?
  10. Mark, thank you much.
    Looking at the site forexfactory.com, I noticed the red, orange, and yellow color denominations. It seems to me red means big impact--however, they mean "big impact" only RE: the currency type mentioned to the left, correct?
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