why does it feel so heavy right here right now?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by OVERtheLINE, May 5, 2003.

  1. who thinks this stuff will get whacked before the close?
  2. I do.....maybe a buying op when the SPX touches 920? Then again I have been known to be wrong 46% of the time....... :confused:

  3. You will have to wait till tomorrow 1500 est.
  4. because?
  5. I don't about the 1500 est, but there is a Fed meeting tomorrow and Cisco (after the bell I think).
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    May 07 15:00 Consumer Credit
  7. It's about time for a multi-day pullback, IMO.
  8. Because my timing method says so, I also have 1200 est but thattime of the day is not that good to enter a trade.
  9. what a horses ass day this was... 8 pt range spx cash
  10. Can you elaborate? I have never used a strictly time base method(psychologically not feasible for my personality type) but I am curious as to how someone would base there trading off one.
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