Why does IBKR still have a 30-60 minute wait time to speak to a CSR?

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  1. I've been on hold for almost a hour, to date the longest any of my $0 Commission brokers took was a little over twenty minutes.
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    Because they have a UUUGE number of clients and are probably understaffed?
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  3. Maybe someone can help me here? I saw there is one put I forgot to sell. Stupid me I should have looked. Will they exercise it or let it expire since it was $.15 in the money?
  4. Still on hold, I forgot their Elite number that popped up on my messages a month ago.
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  6. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Maybe it's like being on hold with Spectrum...
  7. There is plenty of buying power, stock is tanking so I would like to know if I am short it. This is unbelievable. One hour and thirty minutes on hold, they still have not picked up the call.
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    Happened to me couple times that they never picked up the phone after market hours. They may be going home when the market closes... (?)
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  9. I called at 4:05 EST, its 5:37 EST without any pickup! All I want to know is if I am short or the option $.15 in the money got deleted?
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    Did you try their live chat room?
    Website says 8 PM on fridays in the U.S. for phone calls.
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