Why does IB stock keep going down ?!!

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Kicking, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Whats going on with their stock ?
    I still own 50 shares that I thought I would keep to monitor their health but frankly even at 50 shares I am pissed off at the loss.
    Even MF is going up these days!

    What is behind this continued grind lower ? And does IBKR have any edge in the space to become a good performing stock once market improves. This stock has been a dog ! Awful !
  2. Uh, it tracks the real world.

    MF is down 90%.

    Ask Peterrfy what he thinks about the price, since he owns 90% of the co.
  3. The market hates brokerage stocks.

    IBKR, TRAD, PNSN and others get no respect.
  4. 50 shares? Geezus, if you bought it at $40 all you could lose is $2K. LOL.

    That said, you do know it's a bear market, right?

  5. I am not so concerned about the dollar amount I may lose on the stock, I kept some shares so I wouldn't lose sight of their stock performance. Obviously I am concerned about the health of their business. That said, if I were one of their fans who put part of their portfolio in the stock I would be furious by now.
  6. moarla


    go to there internet page and look at the earnings...:D :D :D
    pretty good in my opinion

    share value doesnt tell anything about the company, shares are casino papers
  7. IBKR performance 2009
    Approx Hi 20 and now 13
    Loss 35%

    Approx hi 32 and now 16
    Loss 50%

    Approx hi 9000 and now 6600
    Loss 27%

    Financial's are not exactly the darling of the market of even a safe refuge at the moment, so what do you expect IB's shares to do?

    Buck the trend?


    Coz you bought some? :)
  8. I think you put the low in with your post.

  9. Is it time yet to start a new thread...

    Why does IB stock keep going up?