why does ib not have level 2 platform to trade

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  1. off. i find it cumbersome as heck to list arca island and smart order lines under each quote. its much easier to have a level 2 box and have hot key order entry lines off it
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    TWS has level II. Select your security and click the Level II icon or its available from the right click menu. You can trade from the Level II window.
  3. With all due respect, Sir. IB's Level2 is not as good as it should/could be!
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    I want all the inside quote information displayed to me on a level-2 screen and hot-key hits to specific ECNs. I can't figure out how to hot-key hitting ARCA vs ISLD, for example.

    Do you know how to do that?

  5. when i called ib last week that told me the hot keys only work for smart orders no hot keys to direct orders. i love ib for options and therre new stocks commissions are pretty good but the truth is its not a professional system like hold or assent and never will be
  6. Wouldn't it be great if rebate trading was available with IB! Imagine the beauty of a long gamma strategy making credits all day and playing the midnight rally every night. And the best part is you could do it on your own without any floor manager who has never traded before telling you how to manage risk.
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    What is a long gamma strategy, and where do I read about such exotic sounding things?

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    Please send me all your suggestions for hotkey, Level II improvements, etc.
  9. Basically it involves going long options and taking offsetting positions in the underlying stock in an attempt to stay delta neutral. From there you could starting selling some options to try to be theta (time value) neutral as well all the while racking up credits.

    When IB gets the KOSPI contract I am thinking of using such a strategy for that market, without the credits of course.
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    It would be easier if you downloaded a demo of LASER from www.gndt.com, or if you visited Assent and tried their Anvil or Hammer software.

    Hotkey setup is not fundamentally different from IB, but the options for key assignment are greater. i.e., I can make F1 be "ARCA Buy Offer", F4 "ARCA Sell Bid", and F6 "ISLD Buy Offer", F8 "ISLD Sell Bid". The keys work in what's called a "market maker" window, which is basically a level-2 screen.

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