Why does IB denies its clients access to the CME-BMFBovespa integration?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Daal, Mar 22, 2011.

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    In due course but it is not as easy as turning on a switch:

    To be able to trade BM&FBOVESPA contracts by means of the routing facility, the CME Globex user/investor should:

    Be registered in Brazil as a nonresident investor, under the terms of the Brazilian Monetary Council (CMN) Resolution 2689 or 2687;
    Enter into an intermediation agreement with a BM&FBOVESPA brokerage house (an institution that holds a Trading Right); and
    Be duly registered and authorized as a BM&FBOVESPA customer.
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    So when they are going to get this done? its been years since the integration has been available
  4. Yes, looking forward to any type of direct Brazil trading - BOVESPA index futures, USD/BRL NDFs (or futures), etc.

    I understand there are complications, but whatever you guys can do to expedite this would be great.
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    Any other brokers offer these mkts?
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    Its been more than another year now, is this coming?
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    It looks like it isn't economically viable to do it.