Why does halliburton get no-bid cotracts worth billions of dollars ?

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    i have never read an explaination for this
  2. When I worked for DOD twenty two years ago, no bid contracts were limited to about 2k unless the contract was awarded to a sole source which Haliburton wasn't.

    I was a flight dynamicist and a weapons designer at the time but I was also a certified contracts monitor. So I knew the rules but never actually monitored a contract.

    Maybe if the dems get power in Nov., we will get to the bottom of this. Unless the rules have changed then someone could go to jail. I suspect the burden will be placed upon the shoulders of some low ranking pentagon flunkies instead of Cheney where it probably belongs.
  3. Well I might as well stick to my current chit chat theme...

    They're all bastards. :(
    Vote all the bums out of office.

    We need to send a strong message to Washington.
    Register Independent.
  4. there arent a lot of companies willing or able to work in iraq.

  5. welll it sure looks like they have already chosen hillary to be the next president.
  6. They are the Microsoft of oil well services. Rather than improve anything they just scarfed up all of the ma & pa operations that were interested in getting out. After time, deep pockets and the scale of size made them the shark in the fishbowl. Now they are it in many diverse but key arenas.

    There are a handful of companies like them. Key in their disciplines and unavoidable in a pursuit in their fields. Hate them if you must, but understand that they will be! :)
  7. I think that is probably the biggset part of it. Who else can do what they do on that large of a scale in the short timeframe that was needed?
  8. Q: Why does halliburton get no-bid cotracts worth billions of dollars ?

    A: Dick Cheney is vice president of the United States.
  9. can somebody answer this question?

    because nobody yet has. i'm not saying this is fair. i have no idea. but nobody who is criticizing HAL/Bushco on this issue has explained this. i';m the first to criticize bushco when i think they are wrong, which they often are.

    WHO else COULD do it besides Halliburton

    that's the elephant in the closet.

    hey, apart from the fact that HAL stock made me money, i have no love for the company

    if they are getting special treatment, then that *is* wrong. period

    but it's not special treatment if they ARE the only company willing/able to do it

    so, clear this up for me. who else?
  10. Schlumberger....

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