Why does Germany have better jobs/middle class than us?

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  1. They have high taxes, lots of social programs but it seems German middle class are better off than Americans.
  2. Germany receives benefits from the EU. It gets a lower currency value from the Euro than it would with its own currency and this helps with exports. So they have the high profits from production without the rising currency value it would have if it was a independent state.
  3. If America consisted entirely of Germans I'm sure we'd have near-identical social and economic indicators to Germany. Likewise for any other country.

    Barring extreme cases (a Communist dictatorship for instance) the impact of government spending five or ten GDP points more or less on services just isn't that significant, in the grand scheme of things.
  4. True Germans are efficient workers. This helps them become the dominant power in the Euro. They get a cheap currency from the weaker states but maintain the high quality of goods and manufacturing ability enabling them to export lots.
  5. They have social health care etc.. lower infant mortality than the US as well. 20 on life expectancy vs the US lower at 36

    I wonder if one of the reasons is because they do not have to spend so much money on the military since we provide that for them for free.
  6. True. But that is not going to last much longer.
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    Says Who?

    “Someone who earned 1,073 euros in 2000 earned 963 euros in 2010,” Mr. Grabka said.

    But hidden behind the so-called German economic miracle is an underclass of low-paid employees whose incomes have benefited little from the country’s stability and in fact have shrunk in real terms over the last decade, according to recent data.

    And because of government policies intended to keep wages low to discourage outsourcing and encourage skills training, the incomes of these workers are not likely to rise anytime soon.

    That, in turn, means they are likely to continue to depend on government aid programs to make ends meet, costing taxpayers billions of euros a year.

    Economic Miracle Eludes Germany’s

  8. Well that is true but.......

    Most guys here will refute to that no matter what you show them. They just refuse to see any good on it........why????

    Germany achieves a lot with just one word "SOCIAL". Well here in the land of the free such word is confused with SOCIALISM.

    You see..........the American dream is to be asleep and don’t see how the rest of the world is doing.
  9. i have lots of family in germany and what you say is nuts :p :eek: :mad:
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    No, someone who celebrates pulling a bancruptcy for a measly $12k is "nuts"...I see things are going so well for you after that big heist that you are now considering moving to Canada eh deadbeat.

    Heh, aren't you the same clown who started that asinine, pro 80% Income Tax thread.....all makes sense now

    While the top net income for middle- to higher-income Germans, generally defined as those earning 3,400 euros a month, or $4,870, rose slightly in real terms from 2000 to 2010, net incomes for low-wage earners, or those earning 960 euros a month or less, have fallen 10 percent, according to a new study by Markus Grabka, an economist at the DIW German Institute for Economic Research.

    “Someone who earned 1,073 euros in 2000 earned 963 euros in 2010,” Mr. Grabka said.
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