Why does everyone tell me 1 machine + 2 graphics cards can't work?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by achilles28, Dec 19, 2011.

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    What's the trick?
  2. Who's telling you that? Libtards? DemoCraps? Odumbo? (Could be.. they're all pathological liars.)

    No trick. You can probably run 2 video cards in ANY modern machine... even the cheapest... though you might be restricted to card choices in some cases. (Even an old Vostro.. which usually (always?) won't even boot with an x1 video card mounted... will still run at least 2 video cards.)
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    haha these guys are repair/technical dudes. who knows.

    okay, so i assume the two cards ought to be identical. any reco on the particular brand/model? Nvidia?

    what qualifies as a modern machine?

    I've got an ACER Aspire
    Dual CPU E2180 Intel Pentium @2.00 GHZ
    3.25 GB RAM

    video card is a NIVIDA Geforce 7300 LE??
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    hey, im out for lunch. be back shortly. thanks scat
  5. 1st. Your mobo should have at least 2, PCIEx16 slots. That will let you run 2, dualheads = 4 monitors.

    I've used ATI, Matrox, and Nvidia NVS in multi-card rigs. Currently using Nvidia Quadro NVS 295s. Other guys like GeForce 8400GS or equivalent ATI cards. Fanless is better... less noise from your box.

    If you're going to game as well with this computer, you'll probably want more horsepower in the video card. If it's strictly/mostly for trading, general computing, watching movies.. than the 295 or 8400GS will be just fine.

    And correctamundo about tech guys not being up to speed with their multi-card knowledge.
  6. That rig is getting a bit long in the tooth, but you can still run another video card if the mobo and BIOS allow.

    Can you look at your mobo and tell what kind and number of peripheral slots it has?
  7. Only the uninformed would say you can't run 2 cards on one machine.... any google search would trump that argument in 2 minutes.

    Last I checked you could only do x-fire and sli with identical cards.
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    haha . you're a great help, scat.

    lemmie check here....

    3 x PCIe x16 slots.

    1 x PCIe x1 slot

    Should i check the bios?
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    Good to know. Thanks. So the real utility of quad monitor cards are to run 10+ monitors off one machine? No real need for the quad if cheapie dual output cards can be stacked into the same rig
  10. Right. Unless you just like to spend your money... no need for quad(s) unless you have no other option.
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