Why does everyone sackride the CCI so much?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by 1a2b3cppp, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. It tells you how far price is away from a simple moving average except instead of showing you the actual distance in ticks, it changes the numbers so they appear on the same scale for every instrument. HOLY CRAP HOLY GRAIL!!!

    The only way that would be useful in trading is if price made a perfect sinewave.


    Hey geniuses! Just cuz price starts to get closer to its MA doesn't mean that a new trend is starting. Chances are it just means you're an idiot. Price can reverse anywhere, not just only at a certian level of CCI (read: a certain level away from the MA)

    Is there anywhere I can go and talk about indicators with people and not get flamed by Woodie nuthuggers?

    One time for fun I downloaded his "manual" or whatever. Omg. SUPER SECRET CCI PATTERNZ!!!!! Except 1 CCI isn't enough, let's put some other ones over top of it and change some colors! Hey let's minimze the price window (price is for noobs!!!) and measure the angle of the CCI (completely ignoring the fact that its angle will change with the proportions the window in which the CCI exists). In fact, I'd rather trade with just a regular CCI than with all the bullshit WOodie and his crew have done to it.

    Sorry. I've been surfing other trading forums and getting annoyed that there's no quality content to read because it's all CCI.

    Except ET of course. No one does that here right?