why does everyone knock CNBC?

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by dac8555, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. dac8555


    i have read people knocking CNBC....but lets be honest.

    It really is pretty entertaining as compared to the competition (bloomberg) which is so boring that i have often thought about putting a sharp stick in my eye just to add a little excitment.

    TV is meant to entertain...i think they have a pretty likeable cast (the older fat guy is a very likeable character...Cramer is over the deep end...but at least full of energy, and they try to have a resonable attractive female cast) and they try to get differeing opinions on many issues.

    When i am at the office late i also enjoy the pieces they do on different business people (around 8 EST).

    ok...everyone is going to knock Cramer...but lets be honest, the guy DOES know what he is talking about...he sure knows more than i do. And his picks are around 50/50...which is pretty decent if you understand money management.

    so really...what is so bad about it?
  2. S2007S


    Nah its pretty much worthless, only thing its good for it the ticker and even that has bothered me since they added the full name of the company instead of just the symbol.

    Not only that but most of them are just annoying, especially melissa francis, I have seen her do "on the money" and the comments she leaves after each bit is just pathetic.
  3. ddunbar

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    It's great entertainment. Good chemistry in morning. Likeable characters. Nice looking women.

    I watch/listen to it from 8am to about 11AM in a PIP window on one of my monitors. Can't wait until they switch to Hi-Def though. I'd like to see what Liz, Becky, Bianna, Erin, Chritsine, Margret and that Canadian weather girl look like in life-like definition.
  4. LT701


    i never watch it, not ever

    because they wouldnt tell you the truth if they knew it

    too much conflict of interest

    and sometimes they are right, so it's not even a contrarian help

    and worst of all, are their commercials, incredibly stupid, appealing to the worst in people
  5. amateur news network at best....not to mention a bunch of cheerleading journalists that bitch because the futs are down -2....& this after a 1200 point run without a breather......pumpkin head Haines is the biggest bitch of all with his new found phony enthusiasm "from the floor".....the only person on that entire bush league show that gave an objective view was Insanna....whom was smart enough to peel away & venture off on his own.
    bad advise all the way around......in `99-2000 bitch boy Griffith would insist everyone buy & hold & don`t even consider liquidating because over the long haul,you`d be rich.....he was so adamant about this that everytime he saw the mic...he`d regurgitate the same old crap over & over......feel sorry for everyone whom respected this idiots opinion........bottom line is ,report the news & save the ignorant opinions for their families.
  6. I like CNBC its the best stock market based news station out there. Its the only station for this kind of news thats worth anything IMO. Obviously I wouldnt be trading off information received on CNBC, but overall I definitely lke watching it for entertainment.

    I keep it on all day every weekday from about 8:30 am - 5:30 pm. I keep it on as background noise and watch it when something grabs my interest.
  7. For short-term traders, especially intraday traders, CNBC is a total waste of time. It offers nothing positive but does exert plenty of negative thoughts and suggestions.

    I only turn CNBC on ahead of known news events, to see what the announcement is. Other than that, DirecTV or cable has literally 100s of better channels to entertain, educate or both.
  8. What's so bad about it?

    You already answered your own question.

    It's not bad, just basically entertainment... unless they're reporting on real news events.

    But as for the making you money aspect of it, that's all BS.

  9. Danulous


    you guys whine about CNBC that it sucks. it sucks compared to what? there's nothing else out there...suck it up or don't watch it.
  10. Cnbc is useful. When there is a spike in the futures I turn it on to find out what caused it.
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