Why does everone think AWE will open above $11.25?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by thetraderprofit, Jan 25, 2004.

  1. In the absence of additional deal news Monday morning, do you really think somebody on Kudlow and Kramer can move such a thick stock so much?

    My poll seems to suggest so.

    Is it the fact it was up 31 cts after hours?
  2. looks like I lose. UK Business reporting Vodaphone may offer up to 34 billion. That's 12.52/ share
  3. Mecro


    That stock is gonna get ripped up before open.

    GL trading it, that specialist is gonna have himself a massacre.
  4. thetraderprofit, i think its best to cover ur short at the open. from the look of it on friday it seems that the specialist/someone bought a whole bunch of shares to go long. either way, i think the opening price will be closer to the low of the day. hey, whats wrong with covering and going long??

    anyway, good luck
  5. if not awe, how bought going long pcs
  6. pre market .... be careful

    it might be thinly traded and the offers might be

    way above any legit buyout price

    so bid as low as you can if you are high bid

    and hope someone takes you out of some


    good luck
  7. It's at 8.60 Euros in Frankfurt. That's 10.79.

    To the person he said he thinks the specialist was getting long, the specialist cannot initiate an uptick by buying up the stock. On the contrary, I think the specialist is short in his trading account.
    He may be long in his investment account.