Why does ET countertrend powerful trends so much ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by No.Heat, Oct 8, 2010.

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    I did not want to trash any threads or journals so decided to start my own and just comment here.

    Without insulting or being condescending I just cannot fathom this impulse of people refusing to trade in such a simplistic profitable way.

    Listen people, it's very simple.

    If the trend is strong, you don't counter trend it period.

    It's hard to find powerful trends in ridiculous charts, you know the kind, so use charts that matter.

    Once you find these strong trends, simple structured channel is enough.

    Don't go shorting uptrends, dont go buying downtrends.

    It's that simple.

    If it's going up, look to buy, and not at the highs please, wait for weakness.

    And the reverse for shorting.

    Quite simple geez, please stop doing the alternative, it's a losing proposition unless you cheat with money management, which will eventually bite you in the ass, you know the kind...

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  2. what you wrote is all very clear.

    now if you could show us real-time examples that would really nail it.
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    NFLX trend?
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    +1 No Heat

    Ignore the idiots, great free advice.
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    You willing to pay, because I don't work for free.

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    Up and retracing.

    126 and 101 look like good areas to buy.

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  7. I give up. Why?
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    Quantify strong.
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    It's typical human behavior.

    Feels right.
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    You forgot "please".
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