Why does Donnie Duetsche even bother?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by steffi, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Donnie seems to be the only liberal on CNBC and constantly is talked over and down. From where I stand most of what I hear from Donnie is right on the mark and the rest of the schills for the elites are just out for their own interests. It's amazing how with Kudlow in the morning the coverage has become so biased towards the Republican agenda despite how far that's gotten us in the last few years.

    This network needs more balance because quite honestly b/w The Power Lunch crew, The Morning Call and Kudlow's show they really only care about the wealthy. To think that we should adopt the same policies and agenda that got us here in the first place is a complete insult to my intelligence.
  2. jem


    except for a few people as a group they are pulling for the system to remain the way it is - so they can keep their jobs. Lately they have seen pretty socialist to me.

    They talk over any host that gives you the Jim Rogers, Ron Paul perspective. They even tried to talk Santelli down.

    they just want to see the previous status quo survive.
  3. WesSeid


    Every time one of those people say there shouldn't be mortgage bailouts or GM bailouts or whatever else, they are for the non-wealthy. They are for the little guy and his children who would have to pay that debt that others, not them, created out of greed.

    I don't want to pay for someone else's house because they bought a house and a car twice as nice as mine that they couldn't afford. I also don't want to pay for GM or banks to continue making poor business decisions.

    Feel free to pay for those things if you want. I'm sure the government will be happy to take your check.

    You might be mistaking those people being pro-wealthy for them simply being pro-individual and anti-socialism.

    I'm mainly thinking of Santelli, Kudlow, Trish Regan(?), and maybe that Dylan guy here. I don't watch CNBC enough to know all of them inside and out.
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    I think my exceptions were the ones you cited except kudlow. He seems bright enough but I think he likes his access to insiders too much to speak the truth.
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    Caruso Cabrera is the one that annoys me the most (next to Kudlow) but CC cannot open her mouth without some supply sided comment or attack. Melissa ( not Lee) or whatever her name is equally annoying.

    The egos on that channel are simply amazing. I'm surprised they've keep that whole Power Lunch crowed since I'm sure they could dispense with that lot and still carry an audience.
  6. Shouldn't be ANY Liberals on CNBC... it's about "the markets"... it's about Capitalism.
  7. CNBC is like watching a train wreck.You know it's bad but you can't turn it off.

    How many people have blown out their accounts taking advise from the "expert" talking heads they put on the show.
  8. no way Kudlow is the most liberal :D
  9. I put 44% down on my middle class house in a decent neighborhood. I could have got a loan for a house that cost twice as much on a golf course, but I didn't. I believe in living "Below" my means.

    Some of my neighbors, on the other hand, got loans with nothing or next-to-nothing down and then refinanced with "cash back", getting up to 50k in spending money to buy cars, start businesses, buy timeshares, private schooling for their children, vacations, you name it.

    Now the government wants me to bail these people out? Reduce the principle on their loan to below what I am paying for my house and let them keep their cars, timeshares, toys etc.?

    It's disgusting! I am infuriated by the thought of it. I understand first hand the frustration that Rick Santelli expressed. Anyone who doesn't feel outraged by it obviously doesn't own their own home.
  10. I agree and have been surprised by the number of deadbeats and freeloaders here on ET who think that these scum bear no responsibility.
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