Why does California have so much industry/jobs?

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  1. They have a horrible high taxes, huge nanny state yet why is so much industry like IT etc.. attracted to California?
  2. Because brainy (i.e. smart and educated) people move here. There is human capital, venture capital and great standard of living(best weather in the whole USA). Despite this CA is losing small businesses but for every small business, there is an Asian company opens shop here in guise to steal our technology.
    Don't forget the bosses (mostly Stanford grads) decide WHERE the company reside - Palo Alto is the best business address in the USA, beside New York. The rich want to live here not in shitkicking Oklahoma or Ohio...
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    It's funny you mentioned New York. I think if you go by taxes, NY/CA are both at the bottom, but for tech CA is number one and now NYC is number two and gaining fast. Still, outside of tech and other creative class industries, both CA and NY are contracting.
  4. HI has the best weather, and Florida is identical to SoCal. Silicon Valley has more stable temperatures (70-75 during the day, 50-55 during the night, every day).
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    Why does California have so much industry/jobs?

    because of this

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    Florida is nothing like CA. The humidity in FL is unbearable. So cal has rain ~ 10 times a year.
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  9. Exactly. Maybe someone visited both place in the late Fall or early Spring. Visit both in August and you'll know the difference.
  10. What is the current deal with marijuana purchases in California? Is it legal, do you need a prescription, how old do you have to be?
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