Why does ByLoSellHi litter the board with negative news articles

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  1. I don't get it. :confused:
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    Add me to your ignore list, madam.
  3. I'm not trying to attack you, I just find it extremely odd to say the least.
  4. The answer is:

    a) To spread facts;
    b) To state truth;
    c) To counter the assholes who have things to gain by soft-peddling how bad things really are.
    d) All of the above.

    If you picked (d), congratulations!
  5. "Why does ByLoSellHi litter the board with negative news articles "

    Because there are a lot a negative news articles written.

    He is NOT posting FICTION.

    You must think that BARRY BE MESSIAH, and the TRUTH be the ENEMY of the CHOSEN ONE.


    The MSM is about to EXPERIENCE the reality of which I speak.
  6. Obama and the party in control are digging a deeper hole than had they let the free market reign.

    The lesson and moral in all of this is that whoever owns the politicians always wins, no matter what the politicians say - and the same assholes own all the politicians in the US of A.

    It's important to tell the truth, and resist buying into fairy tales.

    JOBS. That's ALL that matters. Period.

    We're in a world of shit, my friend.

    Whenever an analyst, broker, talking head, pundit goes blah blah about how things are turning around, just think about employment and the trend.

    That will always tell you the reality and where things are headed.

    It's all very simple. No need to complicate it.

    Few w/out a job ever buy much, let alone appliances, cars or homes. This is true even when interest rates are low or at 0%.

    J-O-B-S, J-O-B-S, J-O-B-S
  7. yes, for the record, I think obama hasn't a clue.
  8. He isn't littering the board with negative news articles, he's telling it like it is.

    The fact of the matter is that things are actually far worse than the picture he paints, with:

    a) the reality of American consumer serfdom,
    b) extremely high unemployment,
    c) lack of higher educational opportunities (along with the development of conciousness and brainpower) for the massess
    d) the use of the consumer as a "milk cow" by a govenrment which pretends to care about them ... but really doesn't
    e) etc.

    Being the norm, none of which is discussed intellingently in this culture, but rather glossed over by an intellectual and financial elite, who truly think they are "better" than the massess (well, not really, but we can all pretend).

    Next time try picking up a copy of The Economist before you open your mouth and insert your foot ... it will give you a completely different perception of the American economy than the financial and government owned American news sources.

    P.S. and welcome to Chit-Chat. Next time try having an intelligent conversation with the guy before firing off a few rounds. :D
  9. Illum


    ByLo.... are you Port/Stock/etc

    I mean I don't care, I like all your news clips. Just gotta feeling...
  10. I've only had one SN on any forum I've ever been on and believe what I say.


    Don't insult me.
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