why doe IB's TWS eat up an extra 200 meg during the day

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by stock777, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. Starts at 150 meg, and even without opening charts or any other extra windows, consumes another 200 meg and slows down by the end of day.

    Seems like crap to me. A memory leak?

    using Java 6 beta
  2. Tums


    why complain if you chose to use beta
  3. If you look at the command line, it contains this flag -Xmx256M which means reserve 256M. Until the 256Mb level is reached the heap will continue to grow.
  4. what a bunch of crap. tws starts at 100 meg of usage, more than enough.

    grows to 350 meg? wtf is it doing with 350 meg?

    get a clue.

    they don tcall it a heap for nothing, iykwim
  5. I restarted TWS at about 3pm EST

    It has since added another 100 meg of memory usage for no apparent reason.

    This eventually creates problems where TWS slows down.


    Maybe its TWS or Java 6.
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    The same thing happened to my buddy in TWS. Too bad he did'nt know what was going on because it was spyware or hacker code that he mistakenly or unknowingly downloaded and they ended up cleaning out his account.

    It took them three days to do it and that's why for three days his memory usage was going up all the time--the hacker(s) were trying to figure out how to rip him off.

    I'd get that all checked out if I were you.
  7. No problem, I already cleaned out my own account with the tips found right here on ET.


  8. HOw do you check how much memory is being eaten up?

    Is it as simple as windows task manager?
  9. Yes, look at the processes tab and locate javaw.exe.
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    Something is wrong.

    you need more memory.
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