Why Doctors Die Differently

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    Essentially doctors don't use their own medicine. They have little problem draining one's bank/insurance/public money with measures that they don't want done to themselves.
  3. Doctors are right. They know that if it's coming, it's coming .

    Some of you might be surprised that many families demand every possible measure to prolong the life of the family member.
  4. Not me!

    I'm going out kicking & screaming & fighting all the way. I refuse to die lying down. :D
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    Then you`ll be withdrawn by force.
  6. Depends on what you got? Some things respond better to treatment, some things not so well.
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    for the most part, end of life care is a leading cause of the bankruptcy of the health care system.
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    Seems people just don't want to face the reality that we're all mortal.
  9. Uhh we take our meds and medical services FOR THAT VERY REASON -our mortality.
  10. I figured this one out all by myself and I'm not even a Dr or play one on the et board.

    Very important article, you all should print it out and past it to your foreheads when the end comes and the medical profession wants to 'spend' (confiscate) 200k of your life savings with absurd measures to prolong the agony by a few moments.\

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