Why do you want to be a trader?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by pomegranate, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. jho


    You don't have a broker? :p
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  2. I could never get on Jerry Springer, but I can trade NQ!
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  3. Unadulterated performance-based paycheck.
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  4. that is the "brick and mortar" costs of this business....no biggie. :D
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  5. In layman's terms...because corporate america sucks. That's why.
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  6. We all have career choices and it comes down to this. You can choose to be a wild mustang running the open plains, with all of the uncertainty that goes with it. OR, you can choose to be a carnival pony going round and round in circles, with the illusion of no risk at all. How one could choose to be the carnival pony is beyond my comprehension. I'd rather be dead.
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  7. crystalballs

    crystalballs Guest

    The challenge, but most of all, the rewards and status that come when you get it right, consistantly.

    That said,... i don't WANT to be a trader,...i am a trader.

    I've done the wanting bit.
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  8. Loved trading since the teenage years.

    Hated someone setting my wage knowing they were getting rich off my back.

    Loved the idea of my income being correlated to my ability.

    Hated anwsering to some ass who didnt know wtf was going on at the ground level (because i always had base entry level crap jobs)

    Plus, i knew i could never hold down the same job for more than a year or 2, i just love how everyday is a new challenge. Makes my life worth living, not being in the daily grind.
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  9. Because im a Capitalist!

    Trading the financial markets is capitalism in its purest form.

    As people have already posted:

    You can trade your labor, or trade goods on the high street.
    However other forms of trading/buisness are are not as efficient
    as the financial markets. The overheads are much higher!

    Trading the financial markets is the most efficient form of
    capitalism there is. The low barriers to entry and the low cost of
    doing business and lack of red tape/politics makes it much more

    It was not always so, the markets are much more fairer and
    accessible today than they were twenty years ago
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  10. Mr B

    Mr B

    didn't want a job where I had to have any contact with the public/morons.
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