Why do you trade?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by loza, Sep 4, 2007.

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    If you trade only to be rich, you will likely be unsuccessful and fail.
    If you trade without the care of money then you might have a chance to make it.
    It is very important to figure out why you trade! Some people trade to gamble and have a subconscious "death wish" so when they reach a certain point in their account they commit a random act of stupidity to blow it up. Sounds familiar?
  2. xiaodre


    People trade for only two reasons that I can think of: 1 - to make money. 2 - to prove a point.

    I used to trade to make money, and to prove a point, but now, my style doesn't allow me to prove points. So now I only trade to make money (unless, as happens occasionally, I fall back into that bad habit of proving a point, but I recognize that pretty quickly now. The shock collar helps).
  3. To be self-sufficient.
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    you trade(work) to make a profit. trading is like work you are investing your time and energy TO MAKE MONEY EARN A WAGE. even if you breakeven you've lost time and energy.

    You trade to MAKE MONEY not for fun or get high as most people do

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    You are not helping anyone when you trade unlike other 'jobs ' and not providing any service to anyone.

    you are in it for the money. and don't forget that.

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    trading isn't a game, losing money hurts. real money at stake.

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    problem, people entering trading think it is easy and don't take it seriously.

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    I trade so you bastards can afford donuts.:p
  9. I trade predominantly for "Freedom of Time" and to be self directed in my career which earns income.

    No Boss - No Thank You!
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    For the chicks, man, the chicks.

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