Why do you read ET?

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by chuck.ells, Mar 10, 2007.

Why do you read ET?

  1. I'm here to learn

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  2. I'm here to teach

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  3. I'm here to recruit new clients

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  4. I'm here to kill time

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  5. I'm here to drink tea with the girls

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  1. I'm a little curious what psychological need ET soothes for its members.

    There has been a number of threads lately bemoaning the downward spiral of the ET content. With that thought in mind, it would do good to remember that ET is a message board. Message boards has a few useful tools as part of their package. Namely an editing process.

    With competent editing, the past can look as if it were the best of times in the history of existence. Delete here, crop there, after a little while we get plunged right smack dab into a leave it to beaver episode.

    The problem has always been one of staying on topic. Since we are by nature, a bunch of scatter brained individuals, the job of keeping a conversation on topic falls to competent moderation. Where moderation goes, so goes the content of ET.
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    I think ET would be vastly improved if the moderators would enforce the current rules more strictly. Even if they just enforced "keep on topic" then a whole lot of profanity and name-calling would disappear. Or if they could forcibly separate certain contributors by imposing mutual ignores on certain sparring pairs. (Kind of like putting your kids in separate rooms when they're fighting.)

    How about this solution? When starting a thread, the OP has the option of marking it BP for Be Polite -- and you're only allowed to post there if you're willing to be polite.

    Why do I read ET? In between the trash and trash-talking, there is tremendous value. I have learned an enormous amount from some extremely helpful, experienced and intelligent posters. (You know who you are, and thank you).
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    looking for latest trader thoughts, insights, spontaneously mind meld, expect the unexpected thread. It's like turning on TV flipping thru all channels until something catch your eyes.
  4. I am a solitary trader.
    Reading the threads on ET and sometimes contributing to them makes me current and I feel I am a member of a community.
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    I enjoy sifting through the mountains of Dog Poo, every once in a while I find a gold nugget that helps my P & L!

    el surdo the 49'er
  6. If this is the case, then why do you care so much? Why the need to post on multiple threads about the same thing?

  7. These strong detractors are angry that Jack is giving away the "keys to the kingdom" so they feel the need to spread as much bad press as they can for damage control. I know they will bash me for this but the more and more I read the negativity, the more and more I believe the method to work as great as advertised. Bring it on guys, I'd love the extra motivation!!

  8. Chuck:

    Take a look at the post directly above this one.

    Then consider the following

    There are three kinds of posters here.

    1.)Newbies who don't know how to trade and hope to learn about it here. These are the majority. Look at the thread titles. Basically its just folks asking "how do I do this?" or "Need help please". Nothing "ELITE" about it is there?

    2.) A few professionals who check in here thinking it might be nice to give something back.

    3.) People of various pedigrees who want to make some money off the newbies, selling them systems, chat room services, computers, books, indicators and anything else they can think of.

    and lets not forget that the owner of this bulletin board is making money off ALL OF YOU..by charging adverstising fees to his customers.

    So, as you can see, there is an "ecosystem" of sorts going on here and as long as some equilibrium is maintained (as long as the owner makes enough money) YOU FOLKS WILL BE ABLE TO CONTINUE TO DO WHAT EACH OF YOU ARE DOING.

    Why do you continue to mouse on over here. Ask yourself that question? boredom? companionship? education? entertainment?
    opportunity to sell something? ITS PRETTY SIMPLE ISNT IT?

    One last comment (cause I assume this post will be erased by mods)

    Many if not all of the folks who actually work in the industry have "left the premises" or will leave soon. Check out archived posts of Acrary, DBphoenix, AMT4SWA, and MANY OTHERS. There is a progression of things happening that ultimately causes these folks to decide it isnt worth the trouble. That leaves the newbies and the sharks (vendors) standing around looking at each other.
    asking "what do we do now", "do you want to buy something", and "does your crappy system actually work", "prove it" :D In the end it gets back to entertainment then as people look in periodically to check out the verbal "fireworks".

    The last time I had a conversation with Baron, he mentioned that the reason people come here is because it is a "cool place to hangout"..I know how I feel about it, and I am guessing that the others mentioned above might want a few seconds for "rebuttal":D. bye
  9. This is the worst analogy I have ever heard, you should be ashamed of yourself :eek:

  10. ==================
    No man is an island:cool:

    And besides that, no one wants the nickname Bright Trading warns about;
    ''hermit trader'':D
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