Why do you need money?

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  1. Let`s say your a consistent trader that makes money,a lot of money maybe.Why do you need money,especialy a lot of money?What is the main purpose,if any?
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    See my post <a href="http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?threadid=205342&perpage=6&pagenumber=5">here</a>, quoting Dr. Brett Steenbarger:
    When you read The Fountainhead, it's instructive to reflect on how Howard Roark would approach the field of trading. Would he join a proprietary trading firm that frantically searches for stocks in play, robotically fading moves or chasing strength or weakness? The mere thought is ludicrous. Would he attend a few seminars or read a couple of books and trade the same untested chart patterns as other beginners? It's unthinkable...

    [E]conomic success for trader Roark would be a tangible indicator of his efficacy and the rightness of his efforts. It is effect, not cause. He doesn't trade to simply make money or more than he builds to sell homes and office buildings. Roark the architect built because that was what he was meant to do... His work is an extension of who he is; his profits are the result of years of effort and integrity.</blockquote>
  3. That`s Cool!

    To me,i like to play different roles in life.So i need money in order to play different roles and games in this life:p
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    A more direct answer might be that more money increases your options in life. You may well have all your needs and wants covered at your present wealth/income level, but more money will enable you to help other people, donate to political causes you believe in and give to charity. These are all activities where there is really no upper bound.

    Money literally helps you become bigger than yourself.
  5. If you have a project in mind. It doesn't matter what it is.
    Could be something simple and small, or something more idealistic like trying to make your community or even the world a better place.

    You will need people to help you do it.

    Money will motivate other people to help with your project.
  6. um....so can you be very very rich by day trading (not holding position over night)?
    or most of the rich ppl come from investing?
  7. To buy something.
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    Why do I need more $?

    I have three Sons in High School.:eek: :( :D
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    i'm living china,and i can¡®t feel any human rignt in this country£¬i hate the party 's autocrat.
    i need money, i want out of here after married £¬i¡¯m 22 now
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    To pay the higher health insurance rates.

    Thx O.
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