Why do you guys trade Currency?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Bluegar3, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Just wondering why you guys choose to trade currencies? Are they easy to make money?
  2. I got involved in forex when I was an analyst. I found it a more interesting market than fixed income in terms of something going on just about every day. I've stayed with it since. I like the breadth of tradable instruments without having to deal with the mass of stocks (though I trade them too) and it's a wonderfully technical market.
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    do you got empirical evidence of that?
  4. What exactly did you think I meant by saying that?
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    I have an interest in trading in general. So when I heard that the Forex Market is the largest on earth, I wanted a piece of the action.
  6. What did you mean by this? Ive always assumed that the currencies were mainly driven by fundamentals and news so I have shyed away from it. I traded the Euro for awhile but found it too prone to sudden violent moves for no apparent reason.
  7. fx is all but technical as far as i see.
  8. I agree. I find Euro market very efficient and mostly driven by news or liquidity demand, thus un-tradable for individual trader because you won't have an edge on these things.
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  10. i pretty much agree...i have experience trading equities, equity options and currencies. i also find the currency market to me much more interesting because of its global nature.

    from a trading standpoint i enjoy the 24-hour nature of it and from a technical analysis perspective it lends to "cleaner" moves (on a daily chart) in part because of the 24-hour action.

    i agree one could almost entirely tackle this market from a technical perspective (like me) but i do know traders that approach this market successfully from a fundamental perspective. whichever way works for you is the method you should pursue.
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