Why do you commoners think you deserve money from Trading

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  1. You people anger me

    I have royal blood, my great grandfather was part of one of European royal families, (not English)

    I deserve the knowledge of the market and how it moves, I deserve knowledge of FOREX and how to exploit it.

    But most of you show up here and everywhere else and just want information that doesn’t belong to you,

    why won’t you accept your working class position in society.

    The source of your unhappiness is the fact that you won’t fall into line, and you suffer the consequences.

    I gave inside information on Yuan currency recently on ET, I regret that now. Commoners don’t deserve it.
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    Another beatoff trying to rattle some cages..............:D
  3. how dare you call me beatoff

    I can have you disappear in the middle of the night.

    not that I would, but I can is what I am saying.

    go suck on a sugarcane :D
  4. Bored today Coinz? :)
  5. Lucrum


    Are you saying there is no "free lunch" in trading?
  6. maxpi


    I accepted my working class position in society quite nicely, thank you. But then they fired me because I was trading all day instead of working. Now I have to go do what your ancestors did to get into the upper class, grab all the money and goods I can get my hands on.
  7. I was wrong, I realized it now

    I am not just royal, I am divine

    my blood line is directly descending from god himself

    bow down all of you

    bow down before your god

    I shall rule over you justly but firmly

    Man I am so bored today :(

    but I did collect nice profit just recently on ES, man there was a huge upshot

    I had a trail st at 9 points, and I collected 15 points, I entered ES again
    but I don't expect up too much now
  8. Free, which one be you?

  9. LOL are those guys real :p

    hey what do you think caused surge in futures few hours ago
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