Why do women endure uncomfortable high heels?

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  1. Why do women endure uncomfortable high heels?

    High heels are uncomfortable and make walking more difficult. But they also increase height, as well as forcing the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks back, thereby accentuating the female form -- and men, apparently, prefer an exaggerated female figure.

    after all these years now you know:D
  2. evolution ie natural selection at work.
  3. evolution is so inspiring

    'naturally' i select those with bigger...:D
  4. I likes dem long legs.

  5. two legs that make an ass out themselves?:D

  6. The pop thing now is undergoing toe shortening surgery so they can fit into designer shoes or some fool thing.

    More "enhancement" nonsense.
  7. Tell me your joking. Please.
  8. I don't joke around on ET. Toe shortening is very important and necessary surgery. Something like $2500 per toe.
  9. Dr: You have a 50/50 chance of surviving the toe shortening surgery.

    Vain Woman: Oh, but it's worth it! I can show off my shorties to all the girls, get a great guy and live happily ever after, 'cause that's how the real world works. To hell with working on my bitchy personality!
  10. What do they do with the removed toe nubs? Perhaps the material is recycled and that's what all those male enlargment internet ads are all about. If so, then that puts a new slant on "getting one's foot in the door."
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