Why do white people pay so much for oranges??????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by WhiteOut56, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. you talk about a trade.

    If you go to a white people grocery store you'll see the oranges are about $2 a pound.

    At the same time if you go to a Mexican grocery store, they can even go as low as 8-9 POUNDS FOR A DOLLAR.

    and truthfully the quality is pretty darn close to the same.
    you talk about an arb. Buy from the Mexicans, sell to the white people
  2. Are you not familiar with the chit chat section?
  3. it's a trade.
    buy oranges from Mexican grocery stores and sell to white grocery stores

  4. Do you really want to share your strategies so openly here?
    This one sounds like a big-time moneymaker
    Might want to keep a low profile
  5. hft_boy


    Yeah sheesh don't want all the white grocery stores to get a hold of your plan.
  6. You are now :)

  7. Buy some of both and do a fecal matter test on each
    Post your finding here