Why Do White People Focus On Black People So Much

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JDL, Mar 15, 2011.

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    you steal black people music, you put shit in your lips to make them bigger, you like big butts now white women trying to make there butts bigger, you have surgery to make your cheek bone higher, you can dance a little better, you get mad when some black people get ahead, can this be telling you something :D
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    i feel like tap dancing :p
  3. First person ever to my ignore list. Troll #1 in my books.
  4. Ricter


    The posters here are not your typical bunch.

    Anyway, what we do have is a lot of failed middle class boomers here, with unhappy retirements looming. They're under the table, and they're battling for scraps with the other dogs under the table which of course are the more permanent residents, the minorities. Interestingly, union members, also once having a seat at the table, recently perhaps only at the kiddie card table to the side, have now been tossed under the table as well. You see, to the starving everyone else is getting too much food... except for the very rich, whom they emulate, and if they were to criticize, well, they'd be criticising their "someday" self, wouldn't they?

    Only the folks actually at the table, today's rich, are ok, indeed, their meal size and selection is growing.

    The good news is that socioeconomic mobility in the US, ie. [the probability of] getting yourself a seat at the table, is the highest in the developed world (except for the other developed countries).
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    the truth hurts :p
  6. You have more than one book?

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    That last sentence boggles the mind I need to go night adult school to resolve the meaning

    :D :D
  8. Are you saying black people have, on average, bigger lips and bigger butts? What a despicable racist!!! This is all because of culture!!! There is no such thing as race!! Race doesn't exist!!! All groups are identical!!!

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    who the hell cares?
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    thats my point, why are so many white people on this forum are so quick to bring black people in the mix when a certain subject comes up. there is something in there minds :eek: perhaps looking for someone to blame for there fuck ups in life
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