Why do we treat heroes so badly?

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  1. They aren't heroes. They are simply duped by the government into fighting a war that should not be fought. If the military want to be called "heroes" they should turn on the government. The 3,000+ men lost have perished for nothing.

    George Washington told us not to favor one nation's cause over another, not to get entangled in foreign affairs or alliances... in hindsight, I would think he was correct

    The "Operation Iraqi Freedom" bunch are just the latest of pitiful soldiers on a long list of troops wasted for big corporate interests dating back to WW1. On their graves should be written "I died for Oil, Israel, and big money interests. Please warn the next generation not to go to war outside the US ever again".
  2. Did you even read the article you steaming pile of moose shit? It is about firefighters..not soldiers.

    I would love to meet you face to face. And make you my hand puppet. How about it? I`m in NY.

  3. I hope you get stuck in a burning building and the firefighters ignore you`re girlish shrieks for help as the skin melts away from the bones.

    These people save lives and you throw out stupid comments about genetically weaker burdens. What a douchebag.


    "The denials come to light as a new study demonstrates that firefighters are at much higher risk of heart attacks when fighting fires or responding to alarms. In the study to be published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine, researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that firefighters face up to 100 times their normal risk of heart attack while working at a fire. "

    Stress much?
  4. Do you realize indahook that these posters are exposing another genetic problem facing us today... stupid progeny due to a shallow gene pool resulting from inbreeding. This is one of the reason why I support abortion... so that these kind of morons are not allowed to be born and are aborted by their biological moms who are also their biological sisters. :mad:
  5. You sound very confident don't you, perhaps you should join the army and go to Iraq? I read another article earlier today with a similar title, and expected this one to be the same.

    Obviously, this should serve as another warning not to trust the government. We are spending everything on wars, and nothing on proper equipement for firemen.

    In addition, skilled firefighters don't die on service, so we should spend more money on seperating the good from the bad during the training of firemen.

  6. You have no idea how confident I am.

    No thanks, already went to the Persian Gulf and Somalia in the early 90`s via the USMC.

    I already been punkd...never again.
  7. how is a soldier supposed to be "for or against the war?" Most people sign up to serve their country, you can't give 2 weeks notice just because you don't like where you get sent to next.
  8. ElCubano


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    we should start a thread on whose ass we'd like to kick and perhaps set some types of meetings to accomplish this...

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