Why do we start fights, when we are all victims of the market, together

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by mushimushi, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. this is exactly what market wants

    us fighting amongst each other, while the market SKINS US ALIVE

    rise up my brothers, create a trend tomorrow that will send Mr. Market the message

    ah screw it, am getting too old for this :(

  2. 1st you need to learn how to make a living from trading for a few months atleast,
    and then come on here for fights when your bored and waiting for the market to move! :D :cool:

    Although you just keep coming on here and posting your dialy nonsense as your the bloke who everyone comes on here to bully!! :D :p
  3. Illum


    You have to be the weirdest troll on here, I'll give you that
  4. Who are you...TraderZones???

    Type in normal text, big text makes you look weak and insecure :)

  5. Mr J

    Mr J

    I am the market.
  6. eagle


    You can mask your face trying to hide your identity but they still recognise you because they don't use face but rather voice and gait. :D

  7. I think I would rather upchuck in my mouth then read another one of your posts.