Why do we make so much money?

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  1. It's great to be a new member. I'm already spending much more time than I should be reading elite trader!

    For traders who have become profitable -are there ever any feelings of guilt for how much money we are making? It comes off as odd for me that we have such good incomes just by adding liquidity to leveraged markets that are bigger than anything real in this world.

    I don't mean to be provoking -just proposing this thought. Peace
  2. I want to bring down the total population on Earth for sake of our beautiful planet.

    Then ill build a space travel program, possibly to live on moon or etc.

    Then a space travel machine, that allow us to travel at speed of light, to the other Earth-like planet in a far far away galaxy. Anyway it was discovered that we can live there, similar to Earth with trees and seas.

    Finally I build a time travel machine, for ppl to move around in time. 4th dimension thingy

    Before that I need about 100 trillions.
  3. Because my conscience bothers me, I deliberately cut my winners short. I take only enough each day from Bitch Market to pay my booze bill.

  4. No.

    Traders don't have feelings
  5. If you ever feel guilty, just take a walk outside or turn on the TV and see how other people treat each other. It will make you want to take even more of their money.
  6. Markets being an extension of a natural ecosystem and the evolutionary processes contained therein, it would be unnatural to feel guilt, or anything similar.
  7. Jack has taught us that's how it works.
    Be tranquil, thankful, grateful.
  8. yes, but do you ever wonder why you drink so much?
  9. I'm not guilty -it was huge work to get here. But I'm also always awed by how much money we (rly rich traders) make. We push buttons on screens -sure adding liquidity, but anyone could learn how to do ths?
  10. ts u shldnt even be asking this qns if u wanna make money.

    Given a choice to have every population in china n india to die, go bust and sacrifice their hearts, lungs and kidneys so that u make money i will.

    Or like what they did to the US economy, its good to see the nation, US and Europe with slowed growth, mor eppl out of jobs.

    If i was the hedge fund that shorted every damn securities and house to become a billionaire, once in a life time opportunity, i will.

    Look at Facebook and its owners who sold out the company at $38. U think they care ? Eduardo Saverin is now in my country, Singapore, having fun with the girls here. He could spend $10,000 every day till 80 and still have money left.

    What about those Insurance firms n pension funds, each betting the expectancy of your life, one begging u to die, one begging for u not to die.

    In China saying this is a dog eat dog world. Ignore my previous post about saving mother Earth. When more ppl get poor and less $, they will stop producing more offspring because there arent enough money to support everyone and difficulty.
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