Why do Trolls, Immoral Degenerates, and Idiots ALWAYS WIN EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES

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  1. Well the biggest troll to ever visit ET - Trader28, has finally won. He has driven the most prolific contributer to ET - Jack Hershey away from ET. Yes folks, Jack Hershey has left the buildling: http://www.elitetrader.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=104708&perpage=40&pagenumber=1

    The trolls always win because they are impossible to ignore and eventually bring everyone down to their level. They are attention whores and ET has lavished this troll with more attention than any other until the guy he constantly harrassed decided to leave the site.

    Trolls rule on ET, they rule on youtube, they rule in the white house, in congress, everywhere.
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    I doubt it, I think Jack's work is done here so he just moves on.
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    The best offense against trolls is to IGNORE them.
  4. They win (not always) when others continue to give them a podium to stand on.

    Simply, the bigger the audience the more difficult that every single person in that audience will get together and say lets ignore and not respond any more to the troll.

    A requirement that's usually needed to make them move some place else.

    However, the smaller the audience the easier it is for everyone to get together and agree to ignore the troll.

    ET itself is consider a big audience and there will always be someone that complains about the trolls, that quotes the troll, that argues with the troll et cetera.

    Even this thread itself allows the troll to continue existing via your starting a topic about such. :cool:

    Also, keep in mind that there are traders still at ET using Jack's methods and openly discussing the method.

    Therefore, Jack really hasn't left the house nor do the trolls have any reason to now stop.

    You may also want to consider that many trolls consider Jack's actions in other threads as trolling.

    Thus, there's always another side to the coin.

    Last of all, they'll keep trolling because ET is too big and there will always be traders that openly discuss their use of any methods and such will always attract trolls.

  5. I come here a couple of times a day and check the threads I am interested in and ignore the rest of it. Not worth letting the idiots bug you.
  6. Jack didn't help matters by being arbitrarily dismissive of those who did not view the markets in exactly the same manner that he did. It also didn't help that he was abrasive and that he wrote lengthy, poorly constructed posts that meandered and obfuscated. He was incapable of answering a yes or no question with a yes or no answer. It also didn't help that he made boisterous performance claims that most people who have traded with real money would regard as laughable. Yes, these are the things that Jack did. It is the kind of behavior that tends to draw a crowd. And it appears that this is what happened, multiple aliases among some members notwithstanding.
  7. Good.

    Now if we can just get the other snake oil salesman to leave too (Timmy, BullsandBears, etc.).
  8. Why do Trolls, Immoral Degenerates, and Idiots ALWAYS WIN EVERYWHERE AT ALL TIMES
    They do not.They are just the wallpapering - forget them.
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    Exactly. I think many of Jacks so called detractors were in fact another alias he was using. It worked well for him. His following was cult like.
  10. It is interesting that this thread remains in the psychology forum, whereas the thread questioning ET's deletion of a Niederhoffer thread was relegated to Chit Chat. And so it goes.
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