Why do traders hate Obama?

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  1. I mean its a great market for trading I am not sure where the hate stems from. I am doing quite well this year and trading profits are doing good.

    I have yet to see him do anything negative to us in terms of of making our money.
  2. Look ahead. This is this second time during a recession DC blamed traders for their woes, they did it in 2000 too. The result of that was PDT.

    There is no telling what DC will do, so if they start saber rattling it is a bad thing. This is quite possibly the last place where someone who can start with little money, no connections, but a lot of determination can actually do something to change their own life and the lives of others are around. If they begin to over regulate the market environment, volatility will dry up, and that will be that.

    That said, however, the truly business minded will simply move out of US equities and into something else.
  3. But its all just pandering to the masses. Obama in his crew is in the pocket of Bankers and Wallstreet firms. Which in the end trickles positively for us in the end.

    PDT was a bone for the fools, no real trader is gonna be so undercapitalized as to having an issue with the PDT requirements of 25K.

    If you cannot scrounge up a minimum of 50K you really should not even think about day trading.
  4. Why does Obama hate America?
  5. If you cannot scrounge up a minimum of 50K you really should not even think about day trading.

    At one time, I made 200 to 700 dollars a day with a 2000 dollar account.
  6. What year was that?
  7. He's raising our taxes next year by roughly 5%.

    You really want to give more of your hard earned profits to Obama and his scum friends in Congress?
  8. Those trades you make money on, that money doesn't belong to you.

    Obama believes your paycheck is not your own
    Keith Riler
    October 06, 2010

    President Obama said something the other day that stunned me. This is a real accomplishment, given my already dim view of the man.

    In reference to Martin Feldstein's proposal that all tax rates be maintained at their current lower levels, the President said,

    I thought I understood this tax debate - whether to leave tax rates as they are or to raise them. But when I heard the President's words something was off, specifically his first use of the word "spend." The President basically said that not to increase taxes on small businesses and individuals making over $250,000 is equivalent to spending money on those businesses and individuals.

    This is an extreme concept and one that is best understood by analyzing it personally. Everyone understands that when I "spend" money on a charity or at the grocery, the implication is that I am using my money to make a contribution or to buy chips and beer.

    The President clearly believes differently, that my paycheck does not begin its life as mine, from which taxes are taken. Rather, he believes that my paycheck begins life as his, from which residual amounts are beneficently granted to me for living expenses. He clearly believes that the yet untaxed portion of my paycheck is still his, to be "spent" on me at his discretion.

    This is revolutionary. This is Marx and Chavez, and it is a stunningly honest admission of President Obama's worldview.
  9. The fact that I don't support Obama doesn't mean that I hate him. I disagree with him because:

    1. He wants to raise my taxes substantially;
    2. He's running up massive debts that will make my children debt slaves to China.

    I also believe that under the right circumstances he might support a Financial Transactions Tax (FTT) along with other democrats that are pushing for it. If you trade for a living, you should be concerned about an FTT, too.

    It's not hate. Just disagreement.

  10. I follow you on that.

    Another concept. A tax increase equal to inflation is a "tax cut" or tax relief.
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