Why do trader fail?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by optionking, Sep 24, 2012.

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    There's a trojan on that site:

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  2. Are you serious? I use Norton AntiVirus and no problem at all.
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    Another thread on why traders fail with similar reasons...there are hundreds of these types of threads online. :D

    It just continue to show the difference between professional traders (salary traders) versus retail traders (at home). Pro have compliance regulations at their jobs that if violated...trades can't be made unless approved by their boss or they're fired.

    In contrast, retail traders are on their own (by choice) until the broker margin calls that shuts them down.

    Maybe most retail traders need to trade side by side (in person) with someone that behaves like a "compliance officer"...forcing the retail trader to follow the trading plan whatever it is that was designed by the retail trader. Few do and are very happy that they do.
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    Like golf... 90% mental/10% metal. :)
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    So true... To develop and fine-tune a working method takes time... then to learn discipline to execute it (almost) flawessly takes even more time (if one doesn't drop the method which also often happens in which case deadly circle starts)...