Why do these idiots not give a rats arse about price of oil

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  1. Why exactly does the US seem to do nothing with alternative fuels?
  2. should you be looking at fuels or energy as a whole? you ask about oil and fuels for automobile. we will start building electric cars. that is the next viable alternative. we as a nation have been adding more wind capacity faster than any other nation. that is the next alternative fuel.
  3. because there are no such things as alternative fuels

    sources currently considered alternative energy sources are not implementable in real life cases, at least not in the large scale

    biofuel is a fucking joke, you can use it to run a few cars, but it can't be used as a serious energy source

    some people advise wise consumption of energy rather than wasting it on hummers, but that also is retarded, you then have to live life like indians, the guy earns over 150K a year but drives a used Toyota

    the point of investing to find alternative energy is to find a reasonable source of energy, which is applicable in a global scale, will take more time to be consumed in it's entirety than oil, will cost cheaper to obtain

    in reality the possibility of finding a better source of energy is close to zero, even investing 1Trillion$ will not guarantee it's find
  4. I think it is about time to stop the huge energy waste of commuting to jobs to work on a computer in a fucking cubicle all day. The wave of the future should start right now, tele-commuting. The energysaved in pure hydrocarbons just from a great reduction in 1 person, 1 car commuting is HUGE. Most people can do their jobs, as good if not better, from home now. There is no reason to burn 9.2 million barrels of gasoline a day in the US. Add to that the reduction of energy used in commercial office space and we are making a difference. THAT, is the easiest and quickest solution for larger scale energy reduction, and buy's time for research into viable alternative energy.
  5. I do agree that telecommuting is cool,
    but I do not agree that it is possible to make all positions remotely accessible, also most employers know that majority of people will be lying on the couch watching tv while supposedly working remotely, so they want the employee to have that feeling of I'm at work and so I have to work, and last but not least if the employer is going to hire for a telecommuting position why would he be hiring a US person, he could easily hire three foreigners for the same cost
  6. The majority of jobs cannot be done from home. Also, I know people who telecommuted; they just run errands and go shopping or sleep in instead of really working.
  7. Yawwwn,

    Oil is going to 200 by years end, gas to 5 or so, deal with it.

    Bio fuels have ran up the price of corn......for what?

    Alternitive energy is around, wind power, sun power etc. I say harvest that power when you build your F*(*& Home, thats to all you assclowns who do not have a "SOLAR BOX" on your roof but yet bitch.

    Drive the Hybrid cars and stop crying.

    Wake up morons. Make more money and you can afford the gas for your "SUVs". Otherwise, Vespa is a great choice.

    I'm tired of all the crying about oil prices.

    Half you nitwitz should be in some sort of "energy play" with all the money you make on ET.

    Diversify or shut up.

    GS predicts, oil to be at 141 by second half of the year...GOD BLESS AMERICA...... plenty of money to be made.
  8. Lol... I never thought anybody would mention a Vespa in 2008 :D My dad used it to go to work in the 60's!

  9. wow, when was the last time you got laid... geez!
  10. Stop driving stupid American Made gas guzzler SUVs.

    Raise the gas taxes. Set gas price at $10/gallon.

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