Why do the wealthy marry gold diggers?

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  1. Why not just date and when they become a pain in the ass asking to get married dump them and get a new trophy gold digger?
  2. Because they are weak pathetic pussies.
  3. Must be, because you can fuck them for a good time and maybe drag them along for a while and then toss them aside and get a new lease.

    Guys who marry gold diggers are idiots because they are putting up 50% or more of their net wealth plus permanant payments of alimony. on a depreciating asset.

    Dating is better, you can kick them out of the house with no fuss when they start to get problematic.

    George Clooney is smart. He only keeps live in girlfriends.
  4. yeh but he had a 13 yr old girl sunbathin topless on his italian villa,course he is going after the papparazi who took the pics
  5. Vista


    I was talking to an acquaintance the other day, that is worth many millions. He's probably 55 - 65 yrs. old. He was telling me he had already been through the trophy wife stage in his life.

    He said one day he was walking around Lake Como in Italy with his trophy wife and noticed all these other couples walking around holding hands and really looking like they were in love and enjoying each others company, and then he looked at his wife whom he said didn't know anything about anything, except maybe how to shop for clothes, and he said to himself at that moment "WTF am I doing with this woman".

    He promptly got divorced upon his return to the U.S..
  6. Same reason nice girls marry assholes....they think they can change them.