why do the taliban fight so hard??

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  1. Its long been known that Britain/USSR/USA cannot win in that land- so why do we still fight there? The Russians gave up, in the late 1980's
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    Because they have nothing else to do. It's not like they have jobs or anything. They make their money by being fighters and are funded by the U.S., Saudi Arabia and others. Same thing with other islamic countries.

    That's what they do.
  3. True- all funded by the ISI
  4. it is well known that Mi5/MI6 with CIA agents were on in the action- arming the Mujahideen against against the USSR
  5. What's an ISI ?
  6. We need to withdraw from Afghanistan, it is a silly war.

    We need to redeploy our troops to Iran and Syria, which threaten our key ally Israel.

    God bless Israel and the USA.
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    At least in the case of the US, its not that the Taliban is fighting hard, its more a case where the US is putting together a half-assed effort. Relying on ludicrous rules of engagement and drone attacks will not win you anything.

    Want to know the quickest way to lose a war? Try to win it by winning hearts and minds. It fails everytime.
  8. Pakistan military/ISI is a U.S. funded terrorist organization. That would make US funding Pakistan funding Taliban fighting US. There you go, the Taliban is fighting so hard because US is fighting against itself.
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    We need to change our funding method to Pakistan. If we make it like $100 a head for for any Taliban or Al Queda dead or alive our money would be better spent.
  10. Forget Pakistan and Afghanistan. We should withdraw and instead offer $100 per head for Iranian and Syrian terrorists dead or alive.
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