Why do the Mods defend a fraud like Jack Hershey

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  1. So many friggin moderaters on the guys dick. Why?! Are you guys on the payroll or just drinking the kool-aid.

    How could one morally promote the existence of this Fraud to the naive of the ET community.

    I have my personal theory:

  2. Aren't you confusing morality with making money? If he leads traders astray, isn't that to your advantage? If everone understood market mechanics who would you ever find dumb enough to trade against you? So praise Jack. Encourage newbies to study him. Study him yourself and post specious fabulous results using his terminology.
  3. Bingo!

  4. Surdo


    It's all about hits to the site folks, good or bad for the reader, it does not matter.

    What do you think drives up the Google ranking and in turn justifies higher advertising rates?

    Just take a look how long our good friend Alex and Cajun Boy's threads stay open!

    Happy Holidays!

  5. " Forget it, Jake, its Chinatown...."
  6. CET


    It is amazing that people spend their time on what others are doing instead of using their time to improve their own trading ability.
  7. One exception: Magna.

    If Hershey posts his drvel on a Journal thread and the OP complains, Magna deletes it. One of the few mods with integrity and considering he doesn't get paid to police his forum, that's saying alot.
  8. Vikana and Magna seem to be mods somewhat different from others
  9. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    since it's close to Christmas, I'll take that as a complement :)

    But seriously, I have never been asked to favor or edit content from any particular participant, sponsor or vendor.

    As ETs history has shown, some of the moderators have gone through their learning experience "in public". I think it's useful to look at the present, and not get too stuck in the past. This goes both for moderators and individual participants. A while ago I tried to make sense of JHs methods via a public forum, but the attempt got drowned out in all the noise, so I eventually gave up.
  10. That was a great effort, but it was doomed to failure anyway.

    Take a good, unbiased look at the Jack Hershey ATS Threads started by ScottD and bwolinsky.

    1. Everytime they start getting somewhere, you can see that the JH Methods are not net profitable.

    2. Once that is determined, JH starts adding in greater iterations of optimization in an attempt to make them profitable.

    3. Once it has been determined that they do not and cannot work in real-time, all of the JH acolytes chime in with their two cents, Jack claims another amazing success story, thanking everyone profusely (especially spydertrader) and the bashers descend with a vengence, rediculing yet another obvious at laying claim to something that simply is not there.

    4. More crap threads for ET, but Baron doesn't seem to care, so why should anyone else?
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