Why do some stocks get halted after earnings while others don't?

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  1. Sorry if this is an obvious question but GOOG for example wasn't halted today while IBM was. Is there any particular reason why certain stocks are halted while others aren't?
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    Hmmm...that is an interesting question I've always wondered as well. Don't know the answer, but maybe could be a NYSE/Nasdaq thing depending where its listed?
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    Not all brokers halt the stock(s). It will depend on their position as the broker must own shares to allow shorts.
    If the broker believes or knows the information they will halt the stock for their protection and allow only the longs or shorts to exit once the adjustment in the bid/ask is complete.

    noticed IBM and AMD were halted but not MSFT or GOOG.

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    The NASDAQ doesn't halt stocks for non-regulatory reasons (like news).
  5. downward volume is too extreme for market makers to handle.

  6. All MARKET SELL ORDERS! but nobody is on the bid side===HALT!

  7. google has a huge short position and market maker of the options has lots of money so it won't drop 50% in one day

  8. stocks like google don't drop 33% in 1 minute and stay down and keep going down further.

  9. and how long have you been trading?
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