Why do some rich, powerful,smart men have mistresses uglier than wives?

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  1. I really cannot wrap my head round the behavior of these rich, powerful, yet super-smart men.

    Mistresses are used as a sexual outlet. So, why do these smart, rich men (smarter than me) end up having mistresses who are uglier than their wives?

    A wife offers several advantages over mistress. She is free of charge for sex. This price is cheaper than a prostitute. The risk of catching sexual disease is lower. Most importantly, the risk of losing half his fortune from divorce for cheating is zero. This is the biggest lesson I learn from Jeff Bezos.

    On this aspect, why do smart men like Jeff Bezos and Bill Clinton behave like dumb kids? What makes smart Bezos into dumb Bozos? Any wise man here can explain?
  2. Testosterone: Men can’t live with it; Men can’t live without it.
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    What's dumb about it? I can't imagine being with only one woman for the rest of my life. With different people it's a different experience.
    Also for many, I imagine they have sexual kinks that the wives can't or won't fulfil.
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    I hear once you are married, no more sex. Unless the wife wants a child. Certainly no more blowjobs.
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    Prior to becoming married, Bezos probably didn't going around banging chicks left right and centre. Probably bit of a nerd. In his fifties, however the guy beefs up (check out his before and after pics on web), shaves his head and realises he wants some fun. Being beefed up, shaven head and also being an ultra rich dude will attract plenty of women. He probably had to fight them off initially, but then he thought why not? Probably wasn't doing much sex with McKenzie anyway.

    As for Bill Clinton,he fancied a blow job and he thought he was entitled since he was the most powerful man on Earth. I mean, what's the point of being POTUS if you can't have a BJ every day? Hillary was unlikely to be giving him any (married, remember?). So there's a young intern working in the White House. Admittedly, overweight and unattractive, but what the hell. He could just close his eyes. She was available, willing and ready.
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    Most important lesson I learnt is that if you are rich, don't marry.
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  7. Perhaps the better lesson to learn is to remain faithful to wife if a person is very rich and has much to lose in a divorce.
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    Money isn't everything. Jeff isn't going to live forever (well, probably not). You only have one life in which to experience what you want to experience.

    In any case, I'm sure he will survive on $75 billion.
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  9. You must not be married because nothing shuts the sex train off faster than a ring :).
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  10. Well maybe in your household

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