Why do so many people believe the market is only supposed to go up?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by magnum29464, Sep 18, 2008.

  1. Bubbles and crashes are apart of a market's function yet people are only concerned with the crash. You never hear anybody crying "we're making to much money" during bubbles, but you let there be a crash and everybody feels something needs to be done. its pitiful. many times the bubble and crash are directly connected and it's the bubble that causes the crash. all the personal responsibility talk goes out the window when ever stocks go down.

    stocks go up and down, your gonna have to learn how to trade both sides if you wanna continuously make money.
  2. not if you cant short :D
  3. that seems to be where we're heading.

    they blamed jesse livermore going short for the crash in the 30's now it short selling in general.

    this is all a result of money managers being salesmen instead of traders. I personally believe the markets are no place for casual investors. most of these poeple are better at gaining accounts than they are at making money. cry babies...

    If you made any money going short this week be careful. you may get jailed.