why do republicans double down on stupid?

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  1. what is it with these republican women. first you had sarah palin do it and now bachman is doing it.
    when you say something stupid and wrong and you are called on it most people would admit they miss spoke and move on. not these two. they double down on the stupid:


    Bachmann's Slippery Lies
    Posted on: June 30, 2011 11:56 AM, by Ed Brayton

    This video of Michele Bachmann on Good Morning America demonstrates how utterly dishonest she is. He gives her the chance to clear up her obviously false statement that "the founders that wrote those documents (the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence) worked tirelessly until slavery was no more in the United States." At first she babbles irrelevantly about how this country allows us to change wrong things, as if that supported her claim.

    And then she fell back on John Quincy Adams, who had nothing at all to do with the writing of those documents and was not a founding father at all. When Stephanopolous pointed that out, she then claims that he was "absolutely part of the revolutionary era." He was 9 when the Declaration was written. And neither he nor his father was part of writing the Constitution.

    But even if she was right about John Quincy Adams, it would not support her claim. When you make the claim that the founding fathers did X, the fact that you can find one founding father who did X does not support the contention that they all did -- especially when you have so many counter-examples of founders who owned slaves.

    She's wrong. She knows she's wrong. Everyone else knows she's wrong. But she continues to defend it with red herrings and bullshit.
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    Politicians are experts at saying pretty words.
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    Really? Anthony Wiener didn't double down? Bill Clinton didn't double down? John Edwards didn't double down? Vhehn seriously, find some new material, this republicans are bad and democrats are good shit is getting really old. I mean really old.
  4. so now you are pulling the old teenager trick when confronted about their behavior? "yea but you should see what the others do". if you are trying to say none of these people should be presidential material i agree. the problem is bachman is leading in iowa. this stuff need to be pointed out.

    if my posts are getting old you may have to consider your options. i am not intimidated by the likes of you.
  5. Thats why you put people on ignore, right?

    You're a coward. Period.
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    All politicians say stupid things. Those on the right and the left. And no asshole, it doesn't need to be pointed out. Not when we are fighting 5 wars, have a current account deficit of 14 trillion and a country headed towards a banana republic. No sir, I rather have the media talk about serious issues, not the 10,000 stupid things that get said every single day by both people on the right and the left.

    It's people like you that distract everyone from the real issues.
  7. its interesting how right wingers like you have no threshold of intelligence necessary in their candidates.
    it is the duty of the media to expose absurdity. how can the media talk serious issues with a woman who cant even get past something so simple as this?
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    Yet another outrageous statement by you. I can't stand Bachman and have never once made a single comment supporting her. Vhehn, if I had to eliminate any candidate that said something stupid I would never be able to vote. Do you have any idea how many stupid comments Obama has made. Someone posted a highlight reel that went on forever of his greatest hits. I doubt that stopped you from voting for him. The hypocrite hat seems to fit perfectly on your head.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about Michele Bachmann becoming President.
  10. interesting, if memory serves me correctly you jumped into this thread, uninvited, with a defense of what bachman said.
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